Friday, July 9, 2010

Catch up mind getting back where should be, sorry bit long...

OK so it’s been almost a month since I have posted on here, for a few reasons.

1 - Been very busy
2 - Had crap mind set
3 - Needed to rethink why I am here and what I want to do
4 - Started round 2 and lost track of everything important
5 - Was so down about hip and doc ban gave up a bit
6 - Had been so long was embarrassed to admit I was a bit lost
and lastly did not know where to restart.

All good reasons in my head, all good excesses to not be accountable to myself at this point in time.

But now (hopefully) my mind back where should be.

Ok catch up so much has happen so will give quick rundown so not to make this post pages long.

Went to Sydney was AMAZING is an understatement
Climbed bridge
Worked out with Michelle and some of the 12wbt members
and round 1 Party was some of the most fantastic 3 days of my life and will remember for years to come.

Back from Sydney start of round 2 of 12wbt - got home with I can do anything mentality only to do nothing and then take large steps backwards, don’t know why.... and think of reasons but don’t really know for sure.

Had huge fight with hubby and just started eating again, doc ban on excise and hip pain made everything seem almost pointless so why keep trying so hard.
Don’t get me wrong it was only a couple of days I was about 70o/o out of control but the no point can’t be bothered went on for a few weeks.
Had some great days and some good and others crap. But you get that, life goes on and so does my adventure to find the best me I can be.

Ok well let’s get to today and where I am at now.....

Doc done x-rays they all clear been on ban and had break for few weeks, went to first class last Thursday, hubby was home and had best of Pink playing on foxtel I was having a great time singing and dancing around and thought I would love to go to a class today, check timetable and there was a combat class on at 5.30, combat is one of my fav classes so I thought yer and went and got changed, was the first time in ages I wanted to go workout, so it felt really good.... step in right direction for a change. Went do class HRM said burnt 530cal for the class so was happy with that and I a bit soar today so know I work some parts that been sitting still for a while.
Thought about going to spin today but then thought might not be good idea to jump back into what I was doing full swing right away so going to do every other day classes for a bit, as well as my workouts with V in mornings.

While talking about V..... I just wanted to add on here, a big THANK YOU to her, she is my training partner, my friend, and an amazing lady. In my up and down times of late she has never let me fall to far down, keeps ringing me to make sure I am meeting up for our walks (as that was all the doc would let me do) we meet at 6am before her kids get up to make sure training is done. I am not sure if I would not of fallen down a lot more if not for her, so again thank you.

Anyway.....I still have between 10 and 15km to lose. This week as my head is getting clearer, I have been thinking about what I want next in my life.
I want to get my jewellery business off the ground.
I want to better myself
I want to learn photography
I want to study some marketing courses to help with my new business
I want to enjoy life with my hubby and the adventure that holds
I want my website to be professional and attract wholesale shops to stock my jewellery
I want to look and feel how I do in my mind
I want to run a half marathon with V in Oct

Not bad for a start....I believe in things happening for a reason and sometimes things come along to help you achieve what you want, we just last night, while I was looking around online, I found a friends post about a program call Kick Start your Best life. well that sounds like want I need to help me start achieving my I WANT LIST... last time I found something like that it was the 12WBT program just when I wanted something just like I will be reviewing this new program and see how I go.

Ok well that is my update and catch up... meeting V in morning for our first run / walk workout for a while city to surf not to far away so need to get that training happening.

Train hard believe in yourself because you can do it.