Thursday, October 6, 2011

A bad into a good well great really.

After my blog yesterday I am happy to report that I did not eat my feelings,
I stayed strong, and was not tempered at all. I really do think something has clicked there and a change has happen, this has been a few time now that I would of normally given up and pigged out. But no a calm resolve is there instead. Anyway I digress.
Got up this morning, and headed off to my double class at they gym, only to get there and be told that the spin class is already full, thought about going into the cardio room and just getting on the machine there, then thought nope, headed home, to drop off my gym bag and pick up my arm band.
It is an amazing day outside, so I headed to the beach and went for a power walk, I had been doing these on my treadmill at home, but today I wanted to clear my head and fresh air, this was just the thing I needed.

2 Hours later, 12km done and 1030 cals gone. Head, Heart and Body felt fantastic. I am sure I had the biggest smile on my face the whole 2 hours. Here I was power walking 12km on an amazing day outside, with the birds flying around, saying Morning and Hi to everyone that went past me...LOL I was alive.
This is the same course I used last year to train for the city to surf, and it was hard work, and yet here I was today just doing it, and even put in a 200meter run at every 1km mark just to test out my foot, and cause I could do it and I felt fantastic, (will see how my foot feels tomorrow morning) but this was what I did today, next time, if foot ok I will do a 200 walk 200 run 200 walk 200 run 400 walk, and keep adding to this till I am running it all again, so playing it by FOOT as my hubby said..LOL

Was going to go to do a class tonight but having second thoughts about it, as its combat and I have not done that since I hurt my foot and I think it might be pushing it after running that little bit today, so going to stay home and do my fitness test for week 4 instead.

Hope you are all having a fantastic day today as well.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not sure how they do it.

I have had a great week, trained every day of the week, smashing it up, almost 2 session a day.
Food has been 1200cals or just under every day as well. I was feeling great. But yesterday in the afternoon my training started feeling a bit funny so I listened to my body and took it easy. I had already done 1.5 hours in the morning, I was an hour into my afternoon training at this point so not like I was just giving up.

Today I got up and did my weight in as its Wednesday, I only lost 100g, I was shocked, but ok my head was in a good place, I know I have done the right thing and trained and eaten clean, it is just my body, doing something that it needs to do at this time. So I got up went to the gym for my workout, I took it a bit easy as it was boxing and last time I did this class I was in a lot of pain in my foot, so no running in the class today burnt 440cals.  I came home went out with my daughter, but this afternoon I am feeling so washed out, so tired and very down. I am putting it down to over training, I added some extra vegs to my dinner just to make sure I got some extra vitamins etc.

But my question in the title, is how do the people on the biggest loser do it, they train for hours a day, from the onset of the show. I am fitter than they are when they start out.
Im ok with the small weight loss this week, I am ok with the food, I am very proud to say I did not eat to fix this problem. It did not even cross my mind, apart from more veg to fuel my body better and that is ok.
But I want to train, the way I want to train and not have my body let me down. I can put up with the pain, I can even put up with the extra sleep, but this wash out, crap feeling is not a happy good way for me to feel. Do I just keep going and let me body feel crap till it gets use to it and just does it.

I am focused on hitting my goal this round, I am not sure what to do.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bit down today, but did not let it stop me.

Feeling low today, hubby flew back to work, and my foot pain was so bad last night and this morning that I can not even put weight on it, so walking around on my toes..LOL looks funny. Its not to bad with my running shoes on, gives it some support I guess.
Went to gym anyway, did my spin class and had 2nd thoughts about my second cardio class as its lots of running fat burning class, one I want to do but got to be smart here. So I finished spin and went to the cardio room and smashed out 15mins full bore on the row machine, so no impact on my foot. Think spin row and cross trainer may have to be my cardio at the moment till the foot settles down a bit. Will try some other stuff again in a few days or so. Off to doctors today to see what the full scan saids, and see what I am working with.
Have planed a 10km walk with some of the 12wbt Perth crew tomorrow but not sure If that would be a good idea now either, will ask the doc.

My goal today is not to allow myself to comfort eat, while feeling down. Have to make sure to keep busy as Mish saids so my mind can not get board.
On a good note I am loving the changes in my body from all this cardio training, got less bad  lumps and bumps and some good lumps and bumps forming...LOL Oh and I am almost able to keep up with the rpms and levels for the full spin class now, still killing me but at the same level its killing everyone else to. LOL

Keep training hard everyone, your body will love you for it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 3 and something has clicked

We are as title said's in week 3 now and my lost this week is another 1.6kg, I am only 400g from my lowest weight, and then I can start adding to my 65kg lost again, I am looking forward to this, and I am more importantly only 1.5kg away from hitting my week 4 goal that I set at the start of this round, and this is very achievable.
I have been working out fantasticly, one or two classes every day, I am feeling so great, in control and focused, even with hubby being home, which is normally my red flag. Another thing that happen this week is that I had my scan on my foot, and looks like I have Plantar Fasciitis in both feet, but worse in my right foot, so no running for a long time for me, will know more tomorrow when I go back to the doctors for the full report. 
Now this before would of been an excuse for me, to have a pity party and stop and eat, just for the hell of it, but not this time, I have been working around it, spin has become my new cardio, smashing my legs without the impact on my feet. I have been talking to the trainers before my classes and working around my feet, anyway I can. There is no stopping me at the moment.

Even after weight in today, I would normally have a easy day on food and let it slip a bit, but not today, I am so close to my week 4 goal, I am not going to let that slip away again. 

Head feels good, body feels great, balance is working great.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well I am so calm this round, I have been doing alot of inner work as well as body training work, and it seems to be working.
As I am coming to the end of my weight goal, even though it is still a little bit away in the scheme of my goal, I is near the end, last 5% of my wight loss.
So I have been looking into why I lived like that for so long and why I did it to myself in the first place.

It has been very interesting, to look back at my life and reflect on this, and even better to start to heal this, making sure I do not go back to being happy to be unhappy.

I know now that I am important, that I am me and my happiness is shaped my me and what I do and what decisions I make in my life.

So I am deciding to be FIT
I am deciding to be HEALTHY
I am deciding to be HAPPY
I am deciding to TRAIN my BODY
I am deciding to eat well and feed my body GOOD FUEL
and I am deciding what I do for me!!!!!!

I have started seeing a Kinesiologist and this has been a big eye opener for me as I would never of done this before, not that there is anything wrong with natural healing, it is just nothing I would of done before. I was happy to play the victim, now I am healing and I am no longer a victim of anyone.

The last 4 days of this round, have been so calm for me, food has been great, my workouts have been good.
even my water intake has been up, I am not fooling myself I know there, will be ups and downs, I have been doing this for awhile now, but for now I am loving the UP and I am going to keep it as long as I can, and I know that if I keep eating clean and consisted training and sticking to plan it will be here as long as possible, till I need to deal with something else, and then that will come up in my life so that I can work through it, and heal my Body, Mind and Spirit even more. I am excited about this last part of my goal.

P.S had a 2.3kg loss on weight in day this week, and as per last post I have not weigh myself other than Wednesday morning.

Monday, September 12, 2011

DAY 1 of round 3

Well I have done all the prep work, pre-season tasks done.

Yesterday I did my fitness test with the fantastic Perth Crew and shocked myself that I am now in the advanced for everything except my running.

My test was
Run 1 km time trial - 6.35 (this was a min better than the last time I did my test)
Abs where a 3 could do 5 but not 4 so happy with 3
Wall sit 2.35mins OMG I have never done over a min before.
Push ups where 35 on knees
Reach test was +10

So I was so happy and proud of myself, this made me set some new goals as well

To get my run time down.
work on abs
Wall sit want to see the 3.00min mark in 4 weeks
Push ups to do 3 or more on my toes in the 4 weeks

Spent the rest of the afternoon cooking up a storm so all set for the week to come. Also looked over my workouts and got ready to them as well.

Today - Day 1

Alarm went off 5.40am ( I am not an early morning person at all)
hit snooze...LOL but did get up 9 mins later, got dressed and the mind started
I still have a bit of pain in my heal atm, so my mind was saying don't do it go back to bed, you foot is hurting its not good. Well I walked out and turned on the treadmill. As I know my foot is hurting in the morning so I have designed a hill workout going up to 20 incline in 5 min stages that I walk...LOL  work around your body and limitations with out giving up.
45 mins later, 300cals gone. Not super amount but that is just my morning workout.

Food today spot on, so happy there, and 3.5 lt of water... AAAAA+++++ for me.

Got my night workout at 8 hour after dinner and my chat with hubby. again working around my lifestyle.
this will be as per the program, with a few changes to work with what I have got, eg swapping cross trainer from rower, ect I wish I had a rower....

So day 1 check. so happy.
This round also I am going to change how I weigh myself, since I started I have always weight myself twice a day, I know!! most people it does their head in but not me, it keeps me in check and I have learnt how to read my body weight so I don't freak out. But this round I am going to only do once a week on the Wednesday morning. As I am getting to the end of this I do not want it to be a obsession of mine when I have finished so now is a good time to change it. OK I might do it a bit more when I get close to a major goal, but not every day anymore. I do think this is a good thing as my mind set needs to change here as well.

I am not planing to update here every day, but hope to every couple of days.

so till then enjoy your week and live life.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Round 3 2011 here we go again.

Well after not signing up for round 2 of the 12wbt this year, I think I needed a new kick in the butt.
So round 3 here I come.

Will try and blog more on this again, but as you all know I suck at this blogging thing, with not updating for ages at a time. But I will try.

OK as per pre season tasks here is my goals and aims for this round.

Main goal at end of round I will be between 65 - 68kg in my health range and hit my 50% loss mark

Smaller goals

Week 4 - my BMI will be 28.5 or less = 77kg or less currently 83.5 with pre-round pig out and why not melt down of the last week while hubby home. Loss of 6.5kg So far my lowest weigh has been 78.5kg. So this will be a big change for me. REWARD!!! Full body pamper - Hot stone message with mani and pedicure, relaxing day.

Week 8 - my BMI will be 26.5 or less = 72kg loss 5kg REWARD new bras and matching nickers from bras n things. Again never had this, never did my size before.

Week 12 - my BMI will be 24.5 or less = 67kg loss 5kg REWARD - A weekend away with my man.

I have my training week planned and set so this all starts from Saturday.
Hubby flies back Thursday morning so going to use the 2 days to clean out house or crap food and get organised with cooking and freezing meals and anything else I need to do. 

This is it, the last of my weight no other goals to side track me. I have completed my run, and now to finish this.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I won!!!!

Sorry been a while since last update, but all going good.

Did the relay for life and OMG that was an amazing weekend, 24 hours of myself and my crazy team mates going in circles, to say I was in pain the next day was an understatement LOL but I would do it all again, what a great group of friends I have made in the 12WBT this round and others, our team raised over $4000 for cancer council.

Well I bet your all thinking what did I win well, I WON the battle, of my mind ruling my mouth,
I have had 2 weight gains in the last two weeks even though I have been training good, not eating 100% clean but not crap, so off I went to the doctors as not feeling all there either, blood test done and today when I went back she told me my protein was to low this will make you gain weight, (did not know that) but more concerned that my iron levels where very very low, so I have to have a iron infusion next week, this was a shock to me, and when I got home, I could feel my head going to a bad place, not going to list it all here as not going to give it any more notice than it needed, so I sat back and went NO I am not going to do this again, got on to face book 12wbt Perth group and asked if there was a training session on today, got changed and went out in the rain and worked out, NO food Not any was eating due to being upset and after I got home I felt better, and proud that I had WON today, so next time I can think of that and know I can do it again.
Weigh In today seen me lose 2kg, which is great as was most of what I had gained over last 2 weeks still 300g to go back at least not another gain, and now I can work on increasing my protein to help fix this fingers crossed. Today was 80.0 so almost back in the 70s

I also brought my dress for Melbourne finally party, an amazing teal ball gown, in wait for it.... a size 12 even after the shop lady told me this one is a small fit and only have this one left, well I got it on with out undoing the zip (only cause I didn't see it till later LOL ) I walked out and hubby just went WOW thats the one you look amazing.

Going to try and go for a good run tomorrow again, still a bit stiff in one of my legs so taking it easy but got to get back into my running for my half marathon as worked out only 14 weeks to go, and so not ready yet, but will get this iron stuff sorted out before I worry to much. But not going to stop trying...LOL

Friday, April 15, 2011

Advanced Tri done and dusted

Well I did it today, a day early as have the relay for life this weekend and after 24hr of that I did not think I would feel up to doing it or worse would not do my tri challenge from 12wbt.
My plan was bike - row - then run as thought this would be the best way to deal with it.

30km bike ride, was proud to say I kept it above 100 rpm the whole way sat around the 28 - 29kmph mark
 time taken was 64mins.
3000 meter row machine took 14.45mins and after notice that the machine was set at 10 top setting so very proud of this time.
then the 8km run.... well thought no prob with this I can run 8km now but what I didn't think of was how stuffed I would be after the first two, got on treadmill, first mistake have not ran on a treadmill for months been doing all my training out side, but off I went, pushing myself at 8km per hour my normal avg speed, well after 2.65km I was dieing, and turned the treadmill off, thinking I cant do this what was I thinking, well after about 30seconds my mind kicked in, you are going to finished this no matter what, even if it takes you 2 hours you can run this you know you can, so turned it back on and put it up to 7km and just ran, got focused and finished it, did not take me 2 but 1.10mins so slower than what I ran last weekend but again that was outside and I had not just done 2 other events before it.

I was so proud of myself, I had completed the advanced Tri, I am only at an intermediate level so really pushed myself today, and it really showed me how far I have come.

I headed home and ran a bath with Epsom salts...LOL but I am still hurting all over.

I just wish the weight would come off quicker,  tonight I just wanted ice cream but no I was strong and said NO to myself.
Still feeling down but not as much as last night.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

10K done, up and down

So its been 2 weeks since my last update, and a bit has happen,

1st good stuff,  I did my next mini milestone, and run the whole 10KM ASCIS Run, another first for me, time was 1:11mins 50sec. So was well under my 1:20 that I was aiming for, which is fantastic and that I ran the whole lot non stop was even better. Even more pleased that on my running program I can see that I kept a very even pace for the whole lot which is just where I want to be for the half Marathon training.

I broke the 80's buffer that I seem to of had and seen 79.3kg on the scales. So was very happy with that also.

BUT..... again the circle of crap, been eating bad and have not worked out since Sundays run, scales today where 80.9kg, I don't know why I keep doing this, granted its slowly moving down each time was not long ago that it was getting stuck on the 84 or 86 mark but, I seem to go down 3 up 1 or down 4 up 2. A friend asked me if I really want it, seeing as I keep doing this, I do but keep getting suck.

I am so much fitter now, we have the triathlon this week on the 12wbt program and I was looking at it thinking I could do the advance level as the intermediate seems to easy, what the hell, how far is that from last time I looked at the tri, a year ago when I was crying just getting the email to do it, saying there is no way I can do that at all.
But I want to see the goal weight on the scales I want to fit into the size 12 clothes with no problems or mmmm will it fit me when I buy it of the rack thoughts. I can fit into a lot of size 12 clothes now but only the bigger size ones, and mostly tops my butt and tummy not there yet, but a lot of that is extra skin to, and that is not going to go away.

We are only 4 weeks away from the Melbourne Party for the 12wbt, and I cant get my head in the right place again, I can do things, Yes, this weekend we are doing the relay for Life for Cancer fundraising, and it will be so much fun and such a great time with the 12wbt girls, but inside I feel like a fake, everyone is so proud of me, and how far I have come. Maybe I cant see it, I just see how far I have not finished it. So close but not there yet again. I could of lost this weight 5 times over in the last year but nope, I stuffed around, and feel back into old habits, not as much be they are still there. That worries me as what happens when I finish am I going to go back to old habits and put it all back on.

I feel lost, I feel deflated, I feel sad.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I think I have found it.......

My running rhythm that is, my training runs seem to be more comfortable, till near the end like last 5 -7 mins and the last 2mins I grit my teeth and run hard just to push it, as I will do when I see that finish line...LOL

I moved up to week 3 of the B210K (bridge to 10K) program today, and was able to do so with out seeing much of a change in my breathing and tiredness, I have taken to using visual markers on my runs to see how far I get for half way then turn around and try to make it back to the start point for that part of the run area, so that I can check that I am keeping to a similar speed the whole time, I want to get it fairly even speed so I not going hard them trying to catch my breath or burning out to quick etc.

Today run (including 10mins walking 5 for warm up and 5 cool down) was 7.7km and that was
warm up
then 17min run 1 min walk X 3
cool down.

Worked out my speed is about 8.4kph I think, which is not bad for me as before I was doing just over 6, so am slowly getting bit faster, I think about 9ish would be good to aim for my run that would see me finish in around 2.4hours. But if I get faster with the training and its all good I am happy, so not going to worry about it to much.

My next fun run is on 10th April and is the ASICS Bridges 10K Run and hubby is going to do it with me as well. This will be both of our 1st 10mins runs. So that is 10 days away, I am aiming to run it all in around 1.20. will see how I go. I have also been looking into running GU its a supplement that you use during long runs so hoping to get some this week for the bridges run to test it out and find what works best for my for my half marathon.

So my first week of my marathon training program going great, and food been good. Scales not really moving but did lose the weight I put back on from hubby's birthday last week so happy with that most of it was water retention. But last few days weight been going up each morning 100G, but I think that is because I have forgotten to drink all my water the last few days as well, and I can see my legs getting stronger so some gain there as well, I will give if a few days more. TTOM due in a few days so could be that as well, hate that.

Anyway I am happy with how I am going and my improvements with my running.
Today my daughter is coming up and we are going to go run the stairs for an hour this afternoon..LOL shhh its a surprise... and tomorrow morning I got my endro spin class for cross training day. Not sure what I doing Saturday yet maybe kimax and run, then pain in the park on Sunday with the 12wbt girls.

So that's the plan, will let you know how it goes.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I did it!!!!!!! mini milestone completed.

My one month goal for the 12wbt set at the start was to run the 6km fun run non stop,
well today I did just that, it was not easy and I was stuffed but I completed it and felt so proud of myself, even when my run meter stopped and I had no music and still 2 km to go I just kept going,
and you should of seen my face when I got told that it ended up being 6.7km not the 6km we thought it was going to be.
A new personal best for me, as even before I hurt my hip the best I had run was 6.5 in 48 mins, well today I did 6.7 in 50mins flat. Not going to win any races at that speed but I don't care, I did my mini milestone over and above what I had set for myself, and feel great.
Just wish it would get a bit easier a bit quicker, as the thought of doing over 3 times what I did today, is a bit huge, but I will get there a bit at a time. Keep training and come august I will be ready, or die trying...LOL

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Balance Lession (hopefully) Learnt.

Well this last week and part of this week been crap.

Red Flag weekend.....arrrrhhhhh as stated in my last post, well it started out good

Friday night, went out for dinner, with family before the Sweet Concert, I was very good, did not drink, and ordered seafood pasta, which I only ate the seafood and tomato sauce not the pasta, no desert and no drinks at the concert either. (Balance good had fun no pigging out)

Saturday night not so good, brought myself 4 drinks with zero coke so low cal, compared to others.
Had chicken and salads for dinner but more than I should of, so far not to bad.
Here's where I got bad, I ate party pies and crap like that later in the night and dips etc.
Did not think I was to bad but when got on scales next morning arrhhhhh,
up 1.5kg, now if I had stopped there it would of been OK but no, I went into a big depression and ate everything in site, next morning up another kilo, and the cycle kept going, till Wednesday, when weigh in came I was up 3.7kg in 4 days. I felt so crap, 4 weeks for nothing, and my 40% lost gone.

Well I posted my gain on facebook and my great 12wbt friends helped me, one gave me a good talking to via sms, put things into prospective a bit, OK you had a good night and we
need those, but that was a night not a week, I had convinced myself (not sure how) that I had gained the whole 3.7 in the one night, but luckily I weight myself every morning and write it down, once my head cleared I could see that it was not the one night, yes in one night I gained 1.5kg but if I stopped there, most of that would of been water retention and came right back off with a few bottles of water and a good workout. But no I hit the same cycle again and got depressed and felt the victim of oh I cant have a life with out being fat whats the point..... well don't worry I not given up.
Got back on the horse so to speak and with some good hard training and later, as of this morning (1 week since party) I have lost all but 300g of what I gained, so not the whole 4 weeks lost just one because I did not understand balance and I am back under my 40% lost weight so happy with that.

Lesson Learnt, I can have a life, make smart choices but if I have a very special night and make a bad one or two, then just enjoy the one night and back to good next day, not a week later. No guilt eating for having fun, just enjoy it for what it is a fun night and that is it.

In weight loss food is so important, training will change your body and fitness, but the mind lessons and what you learn from them is what will make this a lifetime achievement not a short term one. I learnt a big one this week just hope it sticks in there when I need it next.

The start of this week Monday 28th March is 20 weeks till my half marathon, so the main training program kicks in. So there will be lots of running updates.

I went for a run in my new shoes (had to take others back) on Thursday but it was a bit later than I normally go and was 29degs so was bit harder than normal did manage 39mins of running before I had to stop was to hot and I was getting burnt. Tomorrow is another training fun run, 6km so going to see how I go with that, slow and steady my plan.

I did endro spin class yesterday, man that is a hard class but I think it will really be a good cross training class with the running, as it will help with my fitness and endurance for the run and well and build the strength in my legs.

Looking forward to weigh in this week just to get the numbers back to where they where and fingers crossed a bit more off.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

mmmm happy/blarrrr who knows

OK update time, scales going down, 1.2kg this week and did measurements to
Bust down 3cm
Waist down 5cm
hips down 6cm
one leg down 5cm other the same but this did make them the same

This all great hit my goal for this week in my weight loss, so I should be happy but.

I feel blarrr again, don't want to stop don't get me wrong just my drive is waning cant seem to push myself to do that bit extra and sometimes to do just that bit...

I got up on Monday morning to go for my run, got out the door ran for about 18mins and that was it, just not a good day, thought ok was sick most weekend so prob just that, no biggy, got up Tuesday morning shoes on and out the door I went, run completed not easy but done. 15mins X 3 week 2 of b210k program started and that is all the training I have done. Today did nothing. Meant to go for a run in the morning but think I might go do kimax just to kick my ass a bit.
Then run at night.

Even not that excited about melb anymore at the moment, not good seeing as its all paid for now.
But still wanting to hit my goal not taking my eyes of that prize but I know I have to do the other work to get there.

Oh well tomorrow is another day, so I will JFDI it and keep going.
Got big weekend coming up hubby back in morning, that always a red flag for me as I want to spend time with him and forget about my training. So need to stay focused.

On good side food been great, and scales are going down.
Will get my head back again I know so not to worried just wanted to note it for later.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

40% gone 10 to go....

I DID IT !!!! After months of almost then failing for some reason, this time I kept my head focused and just did it. I have been shouting it from the roof tops..LOL well not really but I could.

So figures just for me cause I link them...

start weight 135.5kg  arrrrhhhhh
- 40% = 81.3kg well today I was 81kg.... so was even more...
plus in my little non focus time I regained 7kg so that is not even including that.
But I am including that in my kg total, of loss, not the little ups and down just that big one as I had lost the plot there and was heading back to my old ways, so with that I have now lost 61.5 kg.

Looking forward to seeing 7*.*kg on the scales soon never to see an 80 number again.

This weeks update workout wise is not great, I have been sick with a bug last few days so not pushing my body but have been eating clean. I have done my marathon training runs but that is about all. I did not want to fall behind on them, I have not done the spin endro class or the 12km power walk this week, so will make sure I smash it again this coming week.

OK that is it for me today, back off to bed. Hope this bug gone soon and I am always stuffed.

oh almost for got I went and got new hair this week, a new me...LOL looks great very Meg Ryan in here early years I think...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Runners High!!!

Just quick update, I did it, after a crap run on Sunday night, that really got me looking into my running and looking at what I do and how I do it, today I got up put on my shoes and clicked my new training program, Bridge to 10K - its the next part from the C25k Team, and I did it, I ran 40 mins, from my place to the freeway along the freeway and halfway to the next exit then turned around a ran back home again, I felt amazing, I was so proud of myself, was on such a high it was like, I could do anything. This was the first day of my half marathon training so was a great start to it.

All my training this week has been completed to plan or extra so AAA+++ for me, hope the scales show good tomorrow, I know I have lost what I put back from last week and a bit more so that's good.

Today's burn was 615 this morning plus about 850 tonight at kickboxing, so my HRM turned off half way in my boxing gloves so going on my friends that was with me who was over 900 and I normally a bit less than her. So 1465 not bad for a work day...LOL I'm pleased with that, but I am more pleased that I am feeling fantastic again.
Back doing what I know works and getting the results from it, I have a goal (well two) and focus for a reason.
1/ To hit 68.3 - 70kg before Melb,  the lower will be 50% gone since I started, but 70 was my original goal, so would be happy with that.
2/ Train for and complete the Perth half marathon in August.

So will update quick tomorrow night with weight in. Looking forward to my next run on Thursday, day off from training tomorrow time for my body to rest and recover.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Its a mind game. Long update.

This week has been great, right in the zone, food great, workouts pushed to next level (tell you more about that in a bit), head in the right place. But what I really want to chat about first is my running and the mind field that is with it, that I never thought about till today.

I have just got home from doing a 5km fun run, and what I don't get is that I know I am getting fitter, and I know I can smash out a killer workout at the gym, come out dripping in sweat (yukky) but feel great, I know I can run 3km or bit more non stop when I train in the mornings, but when I do the fun runs, I am out of breath, around the 1km mark and dieing by the 2km and having to stop for about 30 secs and walk to get my breath back. I can normally do this, but not when I am doing the fun run, don't get me wrong I am getting better every time, but my mind seems to hold me back. I even tried to drop my pace back today, thinking that I was keeping up with the people around me and burning out, but nope. I was not dripping in sweat, so I know I have worked harder in my run training than I did today.
Hubby had an idea that I will try next time he said that maybe I am focusing on it to much and my mind is blocking or tricking me, with every km seeming a lot longer than it is and telling me I cant do it, he said I should try thinking about something else in detail, and just keep running and the meters will past before I know it. So I will try that next time, but until them I will keep training and pushing myself to get better and get fitter.

This photo taken a min or two after I crossed finished line, LOL
On the plus side I did run allot more than I did last 5km run and I knocked 40secs off that time, as I came up to the finish line I seen the count down on the clock and thought no way and I going to be longer and pushed myself to run that bit faster. LOL stubborn cow I am ...
The other thing that has really helped me is a iphone app called runmeter, its great you can link it to facebook and it puts a notice on your profile when you start a run and then your friends and family can leave you messages, so as I am running and feel like I want to stop a message will come though my headphones saying something like "you can do it" or "keep going" and it just give you that extra push I love it, a friend of mine was using it, and I thought it was great so brought it. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants that push.

OK on to this week, I had a total mind change it has been great, food A ok, even found myself asking myself if I really want to eat that, when grabbing for a mindless healthy snack, I have been working so hard, and so focused, that I don't want to eat, just for the sake of eating, I am not talking about my main meals as I know I need to refuel with good healthy food, so that my body can repair and grow, I am talking about the rice crackers, at night when watching a movie, or the skinny cow ice cream, just because I feel like it and It will still fit in my snack allowance, stuff like that. If I ask myself and I still say yes then that is fine because it is in my cal allowance for the day but I am finding that more then not I am saying no.
Even went to Dome with my little girl, the other day for coffee, and she had cake, normally I would of had a spoon full just to taste it but Nope did not want it, working to hard and feeling to good, to blow it.

Yesterday I was 1.1kg off my next goal, and this is where I have been a few times before and blown it and pigged out, not this time, but today I got on the scales again and I have gained 300g, OK told myself its water and was fine with that till about 2 hours later when bad PMT hit, everything was so bad in my head and all I wanted to do was cry, (hate being a women sometimes) was so down all afternoon, but pulled myself out of it about 3, after I got home from the shops and realised that I had not given in I have not binged or eaten chocolate, I was not that fat useless girl my mind was telling me, so I got up and got changed for my fun run and thought bugger this I have been training for this and I can do this, I am not going to let PMT rob me of doing this and trying to hit my next goal of 5km non stop and out the door I went.

OK workouts this week so far have been
Thursday Combat - 555cals
Friday enduro Spin class - 700 cals plus run in afternoon 405 cals = 1105 cals
Saturday 12km power walk - 2hours 1200 cals
Sunday - fun run 5km - 515 cals

not bad I think, up the level a bit...LOL got more booked for next few days as well
Monday 12km bridge walk with 12wbt girls
Tuesday morning run aim 40mins and night 1.5hours kickboxing class
Wed DAY OFF, but might do a light walk after work will see.

Update done. !!!! FEELING GREAT, Looking good and back on track ATM.

Train hard and love where you are today, but still aim for a better tomorrow.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Its not fair... down but not out.

Why is it that one night of merriness can undo all my hard work.... Its just not fair...
Hubby and I had a night out on Friday night and I was good (ish), but
Saturday night was a big red flag night and I knew it, had made plans to work around it
but the night did not go as planned so I got down and just cut loose. ( I know not good)

Well next morning got up and felt like crap, so did nothing all day, got on scales Monday morning to see a gain of 1.6kg, I am cried it was a gain of everything I had lost last week all that hard work and pain for nothing. But I got my Sh*t together and thought, this not good ok, alot will be water retention from all the salt and sugar.
Clean up your act and don't give in. Which I did.

This week I had not done any real training as my calf was still in pain for most of the week, did help lay 75smq of lawn so that was a great work out and was hurting for a few days after that.

But did not give up although, eating clean since Monday and now back down to what I was.
Lesson Learnt........ next big red flag not till 19th March hubby birthday party.

My training for this week,

Today - Combat class
Fri - Spin class and 40 mins run
Sat - Spin Class / or stair run and Kimax boxing
Sun - group 12wbt pain in the park and 5km fun run at night
Monday Bridges to Bridges walk
Tues Run 40mins - Kickboxing 1.5hrs
Wed Rest Day

Start my marathon training program this week which for the first 4/5 weeks is just 40 - 50 mins runs 3 or 4 times a week.  So they will be in with my training plan.

Dreams are hard work, but amazing when you are living them. Keep dreaming of reaching your goal, because you are worth it, every day.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kickboxing and weight in

OK well yesterday was weigh in day for week 1 - 1.3kg down.
Yesterdays workout was.
Did my run of 28mins and 5 walk is getting easier, last 5mins where a bit harder but I am getting fitter for sure.
After work my first kickboxing class, is was great, loved it, I hurt today, I pulled my calf 3/4 way into class,
my knees are black and blue from the punching bag, it was really hard work but I had a blast, looking forward to going back.

Also did part of my fitness test for 12wbt today, but not the run as going to rest calf to make sure not going to get worse. Got advanced for the test so far. Will do run on saturday, to make sure leg good.

Resting today just incase dont want to push it with my calf long term goal of marathon more inportant to me, I will do some swimming this afternoon, so that will be fine.

Till next time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Head went from good to bad to ok....

Well yesterday was all great, I can do anything
Then is morning I woke up as planned at 5am to go for my planned run, but it was still black outside, looked like the middle of the night, and I am sorry but I am not running in the dark of night, its just not safe for me.
Gym was not open yet, so went back to sleep for a bit.
Woke up at 5.40 and felt like crap for not going, forced myself to get up and go to boxing.
Got my ass up and went to my class so felt a bit better.

But then I sat there today and thought about how far I still have to go (I know very bad move) on goal at a time.
Put my head in a bad I can never do this place. Had planned to do my run tonight after work but lost track of time and now its dark again. SO tomorrow morning is it, I will get up and do my run 6am. I have my first kick boxing class after work tomorrow night so my morning can have the run instead of weights as that is my main focus this round the run training and I am sure there will be some weights in class tomorrow as well, even if just body weight being lifted.

So now Im in an ok place not great but not to bad either. WIll be better in the morning after I run it off.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 1 Day 1 done and dusted.

Well as you may of guessed by the title 12WBT kicked off today.

Food was yummo even my boy said it was good and he always stirs me about boring diet food.
I had rest day for my workout as body was hurting so much from all the work I been doing, but did feel guilty for it, as everyone else was working out so hard.
 But I know I needed to rest my body, worked hard over last week.
Did 2 hours on Saturday with double back to back classes
and did13km on Sunday with a 4km run and and 9 km walk again 2 hours of workout.
Had spa last night which really helped with my pain level. So today was my rest day and will be back at it hard tomorrow.

This weeks workout plan is

Tuesday 5am start with 4km run 1 km walk then 6am boxing class, after work walk with girls
Wednesday -Morning weights and cardio and after work 1.5hours of kickboxing class
Thursday Same as monday
Friday Double back to back classes of step and combat
Saturday Swimming and 5km run
Sunday Bike ride and combat.
Monday day off.

So thats the plan so far.

Weight not moving much for all the work I am putting in, but I can see my body shape changing and mussels forming in my legs from all the running so I am happy with that, I know the weight has to come off If I keep doing what I need to do.

I am prep for tomorrow lunch is made and in the fridge and dinner I out defrosting.

Still need to do my fitness test for 12wbt so should get that done sometime tomorrow as well.
Only 2.6kg to go till my next goal of 40% of body gone and this time I will not freak out and put some back on, feeling very focused and driven atm. Half marathon training my main goal for this round.

Have 2 red flag days this week to deal with, so making plans for them to make sure I dont eat bad and make sure I still have time to work out.
Will let you know how well I have done with them at the end of the week.

Dream you can is great but Live the Dream is better.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Update for the week.

Well we are only a few days out of kick off with this round of 12wbt, I am all set to go,
plans came out yesterday, so shopping all done, workouts all planed.

But I have not been sitting still waiting to start, I have worked hard this week, so far its been
Saturday - Running week 6 c25k 20min non stop run plus 10 min walking
Sunday - Fun run 5km
Monday - day off
Tuesday Run week 7 c25k (25min non stop run plus 10min walking)  plus 6km walk after work
Wed - nothing was slack
Thursday Boxing class had planed to run as well but was hurting to much and was to hot so moved it to morning.
Today Run week 7 c25k (25min non stop run plus 10min walking) plus 45min up and down stairs at point Peron lookout 10times.

Weight is back down in the 84's so heading in the right direction only a few more to hit my next goal. But this time i WILL NOT STOP. I can do this.

This round will be my running round, I did the 5km last weekend as a bench mark, it was very hard and very windy, so was not able to run it all, but run a lot of it, time was 38mins. So now I have a start number to beat.
My goal for the end of the round is a 15km run the week after we get back from Melbourne and then on to my half marathon in Aug.
I have found a training program for a half marathon that I will start the week after I finish the C25K program it a 20 week training program for beginners, so that I can make sure I am not doing anything wrong and that I am properly ready for the run.

I brought 10 kickboxing lessons the other day, again something I have never done but wanted to so got my first class on Wednesday night should be great fun, they go for 1.5 hours so will be a good workout. Will let you know how I go.

My body feels good at the moment bit soar getting back into the training manly from the boxing, but was hurting a bit from the fun run with the strong head winds pushing into them was hard but that afternoon and next day even my forearms where hurting..LOL But I am feeling strong and can see it reshaping to what it was starting to look like before so that is great. My hips have been hurting a little bit on and off after my runs so when they are soar I just take a day off or slow my runs down but do not stop depending on the pain level.

My mind, well its in a good space at the moment, focused and clear, still a bit worried that I am aiming to high and that I am being silly even thinking I can do all this. But I know I can, one day at a time.

I watched the start of this session of Biggest Loser last week and was shocked to see that my starting weight was heavier than all the women on the show except two and one of them was only 2kg more than I was, it was a real eye opener as to how far I have come.

My quote for this update is from Tiffany new trainer from Biggest Loser
"Train the Mind and it will train the body"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back to 12WBT round 1 2011

Well plans did not go to plan, still been gain weight, last check was at 88kg and I did even see 89kg at one point, have had a lot of stuff going on at home, so had a bit of stress eating, (I think I need to do some work on that this year.)

Well this week I have made some goals for myself, I have signed up for round 1 of the 12wbt this year, with aim to lose 20kg and kick this for good, and a trip to Melbourne to finish it off.

I have my first fun run since hurting my hip this weekend a 5km run, I have been doing the C25K program to work back up in my running, so this will be hard but I will get there, a baby step to my Aug goal of the half marathon.

I have also found an amazing blog of a fellow 12wbt lady and will out even knowing it, she has helped me, to see what I need to do. I am going to list on here and facebook a quote that I find motivational.
Todays quote is from

"It's not enough just to think about changing... you must BE THE CHANGE!"

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year has started!!!

Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve, I seen mine it with Family down in Bunbury.
Was a good night, stayed up till 5am talking with my SIL, I  was a bit drunk and we had lots of laughs.

But 1/1/11 seen my new goals kick in.

What is it about not being aloud to have something that makes you want it so bad...LOL

This morning I took my measurements and start weight to see how much damage I had done over the Xmas / New year time. So I have a starting point back to 86.5 but I was not surprised I eat so much crap, and no workouts.

I have been good with my food for last 2 days as well, want to go for a run but at 35 - 40 deg outside not a good idea, will see how it is about 6ish tonight if still hot will get on treadmill for a bit so doing something, going to have a go on my punching bag tonight as well, DH hung it in the shed for me last week.
So this is my plan for today.
I will update here at the end of the week, and let you know how It is all going.