Wednesday, March 16, 2011

mmmm happy/blarrrr who knows

OK update time, scales going down, 1.2kg this week and did measurements to
Bust down 3cm
Waist down 5cm
hips down 6cm
one leg down 5cm other the same but this did make them the same

This all great hit my goal for this week in my weight loss, so I should be happy but.

I feel blarrr again, don't want to stop don't get me wrong just my drive is waning cant seem to push myself to do that bit extra and sometimes to do just that bit...

I got up on Monday morning to go for my run, got out the door ran for about 18mins and that was it, just not a good day, thought ok was sick most weekend so prob just that, no biggy, got up Tuesday morning shoes on and out the door I went, run completed not easy but done. 15mins X 3 week 2 of b210k program started and that is all the training I have done. Today did nothing. Meant to go for a run in the morning but think I might go do kimax just to kick my ass a bit.
Then run at night.

Even not that excited about melb anymore at the moment, not good seeing as its all paid for now.
But still wanting to hit my goal not taking my eyes of that prize but I know I have to do the other work to get there.

Oh well tomorrow is another day, so I will JFDI it and keep going.
Got big weekend coming up hubby back in morning, that always a red flag for me as I want to spend time with him and forget about my training. So need to stay focused.

On good side food been great, and scales are going down.
Will get my head back again I know so not to worried just wanted to note it for later.

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