Thursday, March 3, 2011

Its not fair... down but not out.

Why is it that one night of merriness can undo all my hard work.... Its just not fair...
Hubby and I had a night out on Friday night and I was good (ish), but
Saturday night was a big red flag night and I knew it, had made plans to work around it
but the night did not go as planned so I got down and just cut loose. ( I know not good)

Well next morning got up and felt like crap, so did nothing all day, got on scales Monday morning to see a gain of 1.6kg, I am cried it was a gain of everything I had lost last week all that hard work and pain for nothing. But I got my Sh*t together and thought, this not good ok, alot will be water retention from all the salt and sugar.
Clean up your act and don't give in. Which I did.

This week I had not done any real training as my calf was still in pain for most of the week, did help lay 75smq of lawn so that was a great work out and was hurting for a few days after that.

But did not give up although, eating clean since Monday and now back down to what I was.
Lesson Learnt........ next big red flag not till 19th March hubby birthday party.

My training for this week,

Today - Combat class
Fri - Spin class and 40 mins run
Sat - Spin Class / or stair run and Kimax boxing
Sun - group 12wbt pain in the park and 5km fun run at night
Monday Bridges to Bridges walk
Tues Run 40mins - Kickboxing 1.5hrs
Wed Rest Day

Start my marathon training program this week which for the first 4/5 weeks is just 40 - 50 mins runs 3 or 4 times a week.  So they will be in with my training plan.

Dreams are hard work, but amazing when you are living them. Keep dreaming of reaching your goal, because you are worth it, every day.

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