Thursday, March 31, 2011

I think I have found it.......

My running rhythm that is, my training runs seem to be more comfortable, till near the end like last 5 -7 mins and the last 2mins I grit my teeth and run hard just to push it, as I will do when I see that finish line...LOL

I moved up to week 3 of the B210K (bridge to 10K) program today, and was able to do so with out seeing much of a change in my breathing and tiredness, I have taken to using visual markers on my runs to see how far I get for half way then turn around and try to make it back to the start point for that part of the run area, so that I can check that I am keeping to a similar speed the whole time, I want to get it fairly even speed so I not going hard them trying to catch my breath or burning out to quick etc.

Today run (including 10mins walking 5 for warm up and 5 cool down) was 7.7km and that was
warm up
then 17min run 1 min walk X 3
cool down.

Worked out my speed is about 8.4kph I think, which is not bad for me as before I was doing just over 6, so am slowly getting bit faster, I think about 9ish would be good to aim for my run that would see me finish in around 2.4hours. But if I get faster with the training and its all good I am happy, so not going to worry about it to much.

My next fun run is on 10th April and is the ASICS Bridges 10K Run and hubby is going to do it with me as well. This will be both of our 1st 10mins runs. So that is 10 days away, I am aiming to run it all in around 1.20. will see how I go. I have also been looking into running GU its a supplement that you use during long runs so hoping to get some this week for the bridges run to test it out and find what works best for my for my half marathon.

So my first week of my marathon training program going great, and food been good. Scales not really moving but did lose the weight I put back on from hubby's birthday last week so happy with that most of it was water retention. But last few days weight been going up each morning 100G, but I think that is because I have forgotten to drink all my water the last few days as well, and I can see my legs getting stronger so some gain there as well, I will give if a few days more. TTOM due in a few days so could be that as well, hate that.

Anyway I am happy with how I am going and my improvements with my running.
Today my daughter is coming up and we are going to go run the stairs for an hour this afternoon..LOL shhh its a surprise... and tomorrow morning I got my endro spin class for cross training day. Not sure what I doing Saturday yet maybe kimax and run, then pain in the park on Sunday with the 12wbt girls.

So that's the plan, will let you know how it goes.

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