Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going good, with hick ups..LOL

Well here is my update, still marching along,
weight not really moving, but shaping is happening,
missed my class on Friday Sunday and Monday. But did double class today as was ment to.

Friday was because they dont run classes late at night that day and I was to slack to go to the earlier one, it was pump and I really dont like pump class so it was all me being bad.

Sunday was doing a market and could not make it at the times it was runing. But did not do anything else either again me being bad.

Monday was a crap day and very busy at work, so got home got into PJ and just veg out, again pump class day.

Weight in day was only a 600g loss, as was bad on saturday night out with friends, and eat more sugar than I should of and few drinks as well. was not good for me.

so still sitting at the 83.5 mark seem to bounce between the 85.5 and the 83 mark all the time at the moment. Up and down everyday.LOL but like I said shaping changing so happy with that and just keep going and smashing the classes, the new summer class list came out today and no extra combat or kimax on there , was not happy with that, they added spin and more pump :( in the mornings.

Well after 1st nov be doing morning classes more so that will make life after work a bit easier at the start of the week, except for my double class days of tues and thurs as I will still keep them.

I went to target on thursday and layby 2 new dress in size 12 so that I can have them as a goal to be in them before I collected them in the 8 weeks time when layby finishes. I am in a lot of size 12 already but these are a bit on the small 12 size.

Anyway thats my update for now.

Goal this week is to try and stop or at least cut down at lot on my snacking, they are healty low fat snacks but to many of them, after work and later at night.

Will keep working on that one and let you know how I go over next week oh and make sure do all my class workout plans.

Keep smiling and live you dreams what ever they are.

oh almost forgot new photos taken last weekend after new hair do.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I did not give up.

Yesterday was a test day for me, I got up and got on the scales as I do every morning, and I was 85.3kg, I was like what the hell, I have been eating so clean and working my ass off all week, so I had the whats the point voices start in my head, but I stopped them, (yaay me) I looked at my body, my arms where more toned my legs and tummy looked better, ok brain this is what you got to think about, not the scales, do I stop and give up only to regret it in a few days and feel sorry for myself, or do I look at the positives and think about how I feel at the moment (apart from the hurting muscles). So I got dressed and went off the boxing. I WON THAT MIND FIGHT...!!!!

I then went out for the day with my daughter, and had a great day with a nice lunch, and then all I wanted was sweet stuff, again the Neg voices started, and again I had the self talk that I had in the morning again. I did have 3 small squares of choc in the afternoon to fix that craving before I just eat really bad I think it was hormonal craving, but I only had the 3 was controlled and I knew what I was doing, I wanted to eat more but, thought nope. Not this time I am going to get pass this sticking point and get under the 80kg mark.

So after craving the choc cake I seen at the shop I went home and got changed to go for my 2nd workout for the day, before I could give in to the voices in my head, of just relax, it will not hurt. But yes it will hurt if I do not stick to my plan, I will crumble again, and next time I want to slack of or eat bad it will be easier cause I have already done it once. So I stayed focused and went and to combat and punched away..LOL left stuffed but feeling very good, and when I got home I did not want to eat bad as I had worked so hard, was very pleased with myself.

Today I got up and got on the scales as I do and I was 83kg, so I was just water retention, and I did not give in and wreck all the work I have done this week and I have in the last few months. So I am on a real positive note today, I WON MY MIND BATTLE THIS TIME!!!!

I am sure there will be plenty more but I can call back on this one now and remember how good I felt after not giving in, happy and focused instead for regret and why me voices in my head.

So today's plan is to get some jewellery work done, going into rockingham to layby some new goal dress that I seen yesterday, so that I will fit into them for summer.
Then body pump in the afternoon.

Ok off to have some food.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A +++ I am so proud of me!!!

Just quick update.

Well perfect day, as planed for me today.
Morning boxing at 6am tick,
All meals as planed tick,
After work combat class done tick,

and big big bonus tick because the boss brought in yummy looking
Cookies and cream cheese cake for afternoon tea, and I said NO thanks.
But they did look very yummy, but I have a bigger goal in mind than the 10mins of enjoying that food.

I am hurting all over from the workouts but that is only because I stopped working my body as I should of been doing. It will be better in a few days I am sure.

Well I am feeling very focused and on track at the moment, but not going to let that make me get complacent as it has in the pass, eyes on the price or in this case the scales...LOL

OK I have very tired so going to head off to bed early tonight I think.

Night all see you all again soon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Still working hard.

Well 3rd day in row been training and eating good, I am so sick of being in the 80's for this long, I have it set in my mind that I want to see the 79 number or less on my scales.

I signed up at the gym again tonight for 4 weeks, so I need to use that and just keep going, I have been so hung up on wanting to run and not being able to do it with my hip that it has brought me down and I lost my drive or why I want to do this, what I want in my life, ok so yes I can't run, FOR NOW, I will give it the time to heal and just workout like I was doing before.

Tomorrow I have a double workout day, boxing at 6am and then combat at 6pm, it feels good to be focused again.

I had my check in today and I had only lost 200G from last monday but at least it was not going up more, still not back where I was a few weeks ago, but I will get there.

My food has been good, even checked the ebook from 12wbt to make sure my food is as it should be.

Time to smash it up, if I want to get anywhere near my goal for xmas.

Night for now have a great night till I update next, keep your mind in the right place and remember why you are doing this.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ouch Ouch Ouch LOL

Well after boxing yesterday and Combat class today , I am hurting just a bit..LOL

Been good on my food as well.

Re-watched the end of round 2 12wbt video this morning, and cried, I am strong and have achieved so much, but it is not over and I want no I need to complete this for me.
Set backs and down times seem to be happening a lot but I guess there is a lesson in here somewhere for me to learn from this and then I can keep moving forward.

I am getting caught up in the crap and not doing what I need to do and just get off my butt and do it.

I am also having a very hard time at the moment with my new body and all the excess skin I have after loosing so much weight, I was watching myself today in class when doing combat and can see all the skin bouncing around, it looks so bad and is also getting painful, when I am jumping around. I have an appointment next month to see a plastic surgeon just to get some information and see how it can help me.
My amazing hubby, has told me if I want it done to complete the work I have done, we will get a loan and do it, as I have worked so hard and achieved things I have only ever talked about doing or dreamed about.
I have a hard time, thinking of the $$$$ spent on myself to do this, so will see what the doc saids first.

Anyway I am off to get some housework done, and then maybe some shopping could be fun. LOL
Will update again soon, have a great weekend.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am so over this!!!!

Today, I am so over all of this, up and down, why and why not.
I am pissed off at myself, AGAIN.
In one week I have undone all that I was doing, went to the doc on thursday, she has ordered a ultra sound of my hip, (but cant get in to do that for 3 weeks), so I wait again, she also informed me that my iron and tyroid levels are still very very low, WHAT THE HELL!! So we stuff around with tabs again, this as well as my why why why mind had me binging for days, I feel like I have been fighting this area for so long now, I go really great and then when I get close I undo it all got on the scale the other day to see 85.5 again, thats up 3.5kg, then today when I got on 83.5 so not as bad but still up when I was so looking forward to hitting the 40% mark.

This is not as important to me anymore, I think, I am happy at this size its the smallest I have ever been since I got married, but I also want to hit my goal of 70kg, my mind is divided, is this and excuess or a fear? why do I do this to myself over and over again.

I tried to run yesterday only to have my hip start hurting almost straight away, so stopped it is wearing my mind down I know that, it is like when ever I start to get good, something stops me, yes I know I stop me, and its me giving in.

I am off to boxing this morning I have not been to that class for ages so I hope that I can still do this one with no pain, I am going to have to work out another training plan I think.

On a better note I got my hair done on thursday a new style and look made me feel great and I did realise how crappy I have been feeling about myself this might have something to do with the binges as well. But now I am looking hot again..LOL and today I am off to a wedding of some friends and I have not seen alot of our mutual friends in almost a year so they are in for a shock..LOL I have a little black wow dress that is going to make there jaw drop..LOL Tania like they never seen her before.
I am hoping this will give me the drive to keep smashing it up.

Have a great day.