Friday, October 15, 2010

I did not give up.

Yesterday was a test day for me, I got up and got on the scales as I do every morning, and I was 85.3kg, I was like what the hell, I have been eating so clean and working my ass off all week, so I had the whats the point voices start in my head, but I stopped them, (yaay me) I looked at my body, my arms where more toned my legs and tummy looked better, ok brain this is what you got to think about, not the scales, do I stop and give up only to regret it in a few days and feel sorry for myself, or do I look at the positives and think about how I feel at the moment (apart from the hurting muscles). So I got dressed and went off the boxing. I WON THAT MIND FIGHT...!!!!

I then went out for the day with my daughter, and had a great day with a nice lunch, and then all I wanted was sweet stuff, again the Neg voices started, and again I had the self talk that I had in the morning again. I did have 3 small squares of choc in the afternoon to fix that craving before I just eat really bad I think it was hormonal craving, but I only had the 3 was controlled and I knew what I was doing, I wanted to eat more but, thought nope. Not this time I am going to get pass this sticking point and get under the 80kg mark.

So after craving the choc cake I seen at the shop I went home and got changed to go for my 2nd workout for the day, before I could give in to the voices in my head, of just relax, it will not hurt. But yes it will hurt if I do not stick to my plan, I will crumble again, and next time I want to slack of or eat bad it will be easier cause I have already done it once. So I stayed focused and went and to combat and punched away..LOL left stuffed but feeling very good, and when I got home I did not want to eat bad as I had worked so hard, was very pleased with myself.

Today I got up and got on the scales as I do and I was 83kg, so I was just water retention, and I did not give in and wreck all the work I have done this week and I have in the last few months. So I am on a real positive note today, I WON MY MIND BATTLE THIS TIME!!!!

I am sure there will be plenty more but I can call back on this one now and remember how good I felt after not giving in, happy and focused instead for regret and why me voices in my head.

So today's plan is to get some jewellery work done, going into rockingham to layby some new goal dress that I seen yesterday, so that I will fit into them for summer.
Then body pump in the afternoon.

Ok off to have some food.

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