Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ouch Ouch Ouch LOL

Well after boxing yesterday and Combat class today , I am hurting just a bit..LOL

Been good on my food as well.

Re-watched the end of round 2 12wbt video this morning, and cried, I am strong and have achieved so much, but it is not over and I want no I need to complete this for me.
Set backs and down times seem to be happening a lot but I guess there is a lesson in here somewhere for me to learn from this and then I can keep moving forward.

I am getting caught up in the crap and not doing what I need to do and just get off my butt and do it.

I am also having a very hard time at the moment with my new body and all the excess skin I have after loosing so much weight, I was watching myself today in class when doing combat and can see all the skin bouncing around, it looks so bad and is also getting painful, when I am jumping around. I have an appointment next month to see a plastic surgeon just to get some information and see how it can help me.
My amazing hubby, has told me if I want it done to complete the work I have done, we will get a loan and do it, as I have worked so hard and achieved things I have only ever talked about doing or dreamed about.
I have a hard time, thinking of the $$$$ spent on myself to do this, so will see what the doc saids first.

Anyway I am off to get some housework done, and then maybe some shopping could be fun. LOL
Will update again soon, have a great weekend.

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