Monday, May 31, 2010

Fear - excues - Goal

Today started out good, woke up before alarm as thought I was going to be late, but was an hour early, tried to get back to sleep, but not much luck. Alarm goes off I get up and get ready. Its still dark and very very cold but off I head to the pool for a swim with V. My hip is a bit soar but nothing bad, walked in the pool for a bit and swam a few laps it did hurt which surprised me so I just took it easy.

Anyway after the swim talking with V we started talking about the city to surf, I had always said I was going to do the 12km run, but V thinks I should do the half marathon.
I all most died, what I thought, I cant do that, there is no way I could ever do that.
But she tells me that I can and to think about it very seriously. I head off to work thinking no way, over coffee chatting to the girl at work, who is planing to do the city to surf with me I tell her about what V said, and looking to her for her to say "no way, I dont think you could do that yet", but NO I get "yer that would be great for you", will no one help me validate my excuses.

So I have this swimming around in my head, only to come home and read the 12wbt forum and one of the girls on there who started when I did, has set her goal to do a half marathon in the same time frame, well thats 3 times in one day, I think I just have to give in and say OK I will give it my best go and start training ASAP.
Worse case I get to the start of Aug and admit that I can only do the 12km that I had 1st set myself to do and just sign up for that, best case I smash it and blow myself away with what I can do now.
At the end of Aug I will be at my goal weight or very close to it, so there is nothing stopping me from doing this bar my mind and my mental state, and I know as do you that after round 1 of 12wbt that we can do more that we ever thought we could, I remember my mental state of I CANT DO IT when we got the triathlon task
so If I can do that I can do this.
Looked up some training programs and found a good beginners one for 18 weeks so guess that is what I will work on.

Food today was good I did pick a little after dinner on low fat stuff, no good will have to focus on not doing that again. I just find it so hard to stick to stuff when hubby is home.

Tomorrow's plan.

Swim or walk in morning. 30mins
cross trainer after work. 20mins

well I am off to bed, to regret what I have just put out into the world that I am going to do...LOL but how amazing will it be crossing that finish line.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I did it I am back for round 2 of the 12WBT

I missed it..LOL so have signed up for round 2.

Just checked out the forum and it is going nuts a lot more WA people this time so that is so great.

Today I started my mini workouts for my hip.
Did 15mins on treadmill at 6km got my heart rate up then jumped on the cross trainer for 7 mins. Will keep it at this for a week as well as some swimming. Then increase it a bit if my hip not hurting.

Food today was ok but not great, tomorrow I am going to be more organized so I am not looking around and picking.

I ordered my t-shirt from 12wbt today as well I hope it gets here in time for Sydney.

Train hard, when you dig deep inside yourself you will find a strength you did not know you had and you will feel amazing.

Friday, May 28, 2010

not good day.

Today was not great. But could of been lot worse.

Food wise I would be over on my cals, but did not go insane
just enjoyed to much good healthy food.
Had light brunch out with hubby
then later a yummy lunch at a Mediterranean place was so nice.

Went to doctors after this and got told my hip is going to take
2 to 6 weeks to heal and that I am not allowed to do any workouts till it has.
Apart from walking and swimming. So left there and rang V she is so great, we worked out how to work around this and all was good.

But when I got home I was a bit down and did not feel like cooking the lamb cutlets that we where ment to have for dinner so got a pizza out the freezer and cooked that up, I had 2 pieces with salad it was thin crust so not good but not as bad as could of been, before would of eat a whole one with garlic bread and it would of been thick crust or even cheese burst or something like that. I know that it does not make it right but I just wanted to relax and feel sorry for myself for a bit.

Tomorrow I will be back on track.

Plan for tomorrow.

Design a workout weights only for top part of body that I can do sitting down on the machines and not use my hip at all. If I cant do cardio then I am going to do a load of toning and build some muscles to burn more fat.

Aim to go for a walk as well.

Food wise

Nice breakfast of poached egg with light sausage with herbs that I found and beans
(320 cal)
Lunch got Chicken salad sandwiches 270cals
Lamb that was ment to have tonight.

Enjoy your workouts and I will not let this get me off track I have just had my journey switch tracks for now.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

made doc appointment.

Quick update today.

Food was good as planed, but did have 1 norti thing
a glass of bourbon with diet coke, with hubby only one and did count it in my cals

Hubby flew back in today from work.
I was good food was great as planed.
Did not work out at all today again as hip still soar but got a doctors appointment for tomorrow, so hopefully she will tell me something. I will be doing something in the morning if soar a swim is the plan if ok a class but no running...

Plan for tomorrow.

breakfast slice same as this morning as have some left over. 260 cals

Lunch out with hubby not sure what having yet but will be good.

Dinner Pork chops from 12wbt meal ideas with veg 300cals

snacks if lunch very good other wise no snacks as lunch with use them up.

Enjoy your workout and remember you need to aim higher to improve your fitness and challenge yourself.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not planed but Rest Day.

Well today was ok, my hip still hurting but not bad, till I try and workout.
So got up this morning and just thought nope as I was still soar even after nights sleep which I was not doing before, did plan to workout tonight but got held up in traffic and was running late for class, so then I thought I might just take a break today and rest my hip to see if I can get it to stop hurting. If not I am going to go to the doctor on Friday to see whats happening with it.

Food was good today stayed on plan.

Nothing else major happen, I am fighting in my head with weather I am make excesses for not working out with my hip... I hate pump class but know its great for my body so was quick to say yes lets have night off class, and this morning I wanted to run but I know that will hurt it more so did not workout when I could of done a dvd or something even thought about going for swim after work as that no impact, but just couldn't be bothered. I know that's not good cant even think why feeling this way.
Hubby home tomorrow and need to clean up a bit as I love having the house great when he comes home.

I got a great deal today, I got a new treadmill from a friend that is so great it does all the incline stuff and has a larger deck plate, mine is just one from kmart that was great to start with but now I getting into more running its just not cutting it that is what I was doing when I hurt my hip. So looking forward to picking that up and pushing my running to the next level, when my hip heals.

Anyway tomorrows plan -

Workout Kimax in morning

Tasha's breaky slice from 12wbt cook a mean task 263cals

Pumpkin soup (cooking that in slow cooker over night)with roll 330cals

Nats Lasagna 266

plus snacks

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good day....:)

Well today was a lot better, no kids fights...LOL

Started the morning with kimax (boxing) it made my hip hurt but got it done.
Then packed my lunch and off to work.

After work got to catch up with a friend I have not seen for just over 2 years,
she walked into the pub where we where meeting and just stood there looking around, I had to laugh, I stood up and she was shocked, she said the only way she knew it was me was from my facebook photo, LOL last time I seen her was before I even looked at losing weight. It was a great feeling.

Came home and had my dinner Trish’s Not So Naughty Nachos from the 12wbt meal ideas they where so yummy.

So had a great day, also check on my water today.

Tomorrow's plan.

Workout or DVD in the morning
and pump class after work.

Food -

Breakfast Oats with banana (300cals)
Lunch left over Nacho meat and salad. 300cals
Dinner Chicken with veg. (350cals)
plus snacks

Remember you workout to enjoy the life you are making.

Monday, May 24, 2010

aaAARRRHHHH Kids!!!!! Red flags !!!!

OK my day was going great till I got home....

Did my workout this morning all good
food was good to, even drank my 2lts of water.

But got home and got changed then the two girls starting fighting over crap...
and I had to step in now house all worked up, and I not going to gym as I think they will kill each other while I am away.

I cant wait till they all moved out... they are 21 and almost 19 so that's not to mean thing to say. So now I am in a crap mood and just very pissed off with it all.

Will go cook my dinner and have a coffee I think.

Tomorrow plan.

Work out in morning kimax at 6am.

Cereal and yogurt 250cals

Chicken and salad sandwich 300cals

Low fat nacho's 350cals

plus snacks and coffee.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Day of 12WBT :( but not the end.

Well it is all over, 12WBT final day today.

Workouts done for today as planed.

Combat class was great, had this lady in front of me who had the most amazing definition in her shoulders that I have ever seen, every time I wanted to slow down I would look at her and push myself harder...LOL I made a game of trying to keep up with her in the workout. But it was great as I got to push myself to do 2 new steps that I had not tried properly before, one being the pulse steps in the middle of the steps I could never seem to get it right before, more like a run, but got it today, was very happy, and the other was the jump kick, I normally just did a front kick but today pushed it a bit more and did it, I was trying not to laugh in the class and the teacher even gave me a questioning type look to make sure I was ok, but all I could think off was if I didnt get my foot down in time I would be on my butt on the floor, so every kick I was just waiting to end up on the floor but I did not fall and was very please to now be able to get the jump kick and work to getting better at it.

After that I went and completed my fitness test for the end of the 12wbt.

I have made a great improvement in all areas.

1km run at start 8.57mins - today 6.55 difference of 2.02mins
pushups was 36 to 43 but did move my arms wider and out more and better form in these to amounts so I am very happy with that, next is to get on my toes but have to wait for heal to be back to normal before can do that. (seems to be taking ages to get better)
ab stage 1 now 2 just but got there.
Wall sit 34 sec to 1.43
and sit and reach +8 now +16

so all round improvement and weight wise I lost 12.3kg short of my 15kg goal but I know I did not push myself as much as I could in the workout side of this, so I am happy with that and will push myself more in the next 12 weeks.

Just have to do my after photo now, which I will not be posting on here as its in my nickers and bra so not putting it in a public blog...LOL

Food today is good

Egg white omelet 270cals

Wholemeal roll with tomato soup 222cals

Oven baked salmon with baked tomatoes and beans 300cals

plus snacks and coffee.

Water - 2 lts.

I did read something great on one of the blog of the other girls on the 12WBT that I loved so I am going to do this as well, her idea was to every month beginning from today, plan to set a milestone event to celebrate where she come from and where she going. I love it so I am going to give some thought to what I can do and list it on here, so if you think of anything post a comment and give me some ideas.

I know next month I got the Sydney trip and bridge climb so that is that month covered.

Tomorrows aim.

Workout in morning at park with V (if not raining) other wise Biggest looser DVD

Workout in afternoon pump class.

Chat to you all tomorrow night. Workout hard and don't just believe you can do it, know that you can and Just Do It no excuses.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Smash it Saturday.

Today is my smash it day, and we are meant to redo our triathlon for the end of the 12wbt but yesterday while running on my treadmill I hurt my hip, not sure what I have done but it just kept getting more painful as I was running, and kept hurting all day.

When I got up this morning it was hurting but not to bad, so I sat in the bed thinking should I go, I am tired and it will make my hip worse...EXCUSE ALERT!!! But then I dragged myself up and thought I have to do this, got changed put some nurophen (sp?) gel on my hip and headed off to the gym JFDI... in my head.

Completed my spin class then stuffed went up and did my kimax class ( like boxing ) but the running warm up was quite painful on my hip so I decided not to do my run today as I think it will do some damage and hold me up longer.

Rest of today I will be getting out the menus and also the meals I got from 12wbt make a meal task and setting up my weeks eating plan then go do some shopping.
Clean the house and then see how I feel might do some time of the cross trainer but will see.

Tomorrows plan -

Body Combat Class and Final Fitness Test for end of 12wbt
Take measurements and end photo for 12wbt.
not sure on food yet so will let you know.

Till next time.... Train Hard and remember you can do more than you think you can!!!!!

Here We Go - hope I dont ramble to much.

I am a very new to blogging, but this is something I have wanted to do and keep doing for a while, I have just finished (well tomorrow is last day) of round 1 of Michelle Bridges 12WBT program, check it out if you want to get your body and head in the right shape and transform your life, its a fantastic program.

Anyway I am not able to sign up for round 2 at this point so wanted to start this blog to keep me accountable to myself and others, I will post my thoughts and feelings good and bad, my plan to achieve my goals.

Last night I went over to V house, V is my friend I meet on 12wbt amazing lady, and my training partner when we can get together, we have committed to focus and push each other to hit our goals. I have 18kg left to lose for my goal before the end of August to make my Fab and Forty Mark.

Very quick run down as I am sure there will be heaps of background as we go on, regarding where and why my head is in some place or another.

Feb 09 I started my weight loss track at 135.5kg very very unfit and unhealthy. The thought of having to lose 65 - 70kg was so huge, and so impossible back then....
jump forward to now and I have loss 48kg a lot fitter and my Doctor is very happy to report I am very healthy, she is always smiling when I go in for my check up. (Yes I am doing this correctly and see her every 4-6 weeks to check in)

OK so right now my head is in a good I can do this place. Me and V are going to smash it over the next few months and come out the other end new people.

I plan to keep to the workout style table I was doing on the 12wbt, and keep my food clean and good. Working around the 1200 cal mark that I have been using.

So working out 6 days a week broken up into
2 toning days - pump class style
4 cardio days with one being a smash it day where I work my butt off...
1 day off.

I will try and post every day on here what my plan is for the next day and then update in following post how I went and if changed what I was thinking or what changed. Maybe I can find a pattern for when I drop off.

I will also be sms V every day to make sure I keep going, I have given her permission to kick my butt if I don't check in for more than 2 days, and I give all of you when are following the same...LOL
So join me if you wish... and we can get FAB, FIT and FANTASTIC together.....