Monday, May 24, 2010

aaAARRRHHHH Kids!!!!! Red flags !!!!

OK my day was going great till I got home....

Did my workout this morning all good
food was good to, even drank my 2lts of water.

But got home and got changed then the two girls starting fighting over crap...
and I had to step in now house all worked up, and I not going to gym as I think they will kill each other while I am away.

I cant wait till they all moved out... they are 21 and almost 19 so that's not to mean thing to say. So now I am in a crap mood and just very pissed off with it all.

Will go cook my dinner and have a coffee I think.

Tomorrow plan.

Work out in morning kimax at 6am.

Cereal and yogurt 250cals

Chicken and salad sandwich 300cals

Low fat nacho's 350cals

plus snacks and coffee.

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