Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not planed but Rest Day.

Well today was ok, my hip still hurting but not bad, till I try and workout.
So got up this morning and just thought nope as I was still soar even after nights sleep which I was not doing before, did plan to workout tonight but got held up in traffic and was running late for class, so then I thought I might just take a break today and rest my hip to see if I can get it to stop hurting. If not I am going to go to the doctor on Friday to see whats happening with it.

Food was good today stayed on plan.

Nothing else major happen, I am fighting in my head with weather I am make excesses for not working out with my hip... I hate pump class but know its great for my body so was quick to say yes lets have night off class, and this morning I wanted to run but I know that will hurt it more so did not workout when I could of done a dvd or something even thought about going for swim after work as that no impact, but just couldn't be bothered. I know that's not good cant even think why feeling this way.
Hubby home tomorrow and need to clean up a bit as I love having the house great when he comes home.

I got a great deal today, I got a new treadmill from a friend that is so great it does all the incline stuff and has a larger deck plate, mine is just one from kmart that was great to start with but now I getting into more running its just not cutting it that is what I was doing when I hurt my hip. So looking forward to picking that up and pushing my running to the next level, when my hip heals.

Anyway tomorrows plan -

Workout Kimax in morning

Tasha's breaky slice from 12wbt cook a mean task 263cals

Pumpkin soup (cooking that in slow cooker over night)with roll 330cals

Nats Lasagna 266

plus snacks

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