Friday, May 28, 2010

not good day.

Today was not great. But could of been lot worse.

Food wise I would be over on my cals, but did not go insane
just enjoyed to much good healthy food.
Had light brunch out with hubby
then later a yummy lunch at a Mediterranean place was so nice.

Went to doctors after this and got told my hip is going to take
2 to 6 weeks to heal and that I am not allowed to do any workouts till it has.
Apart from walking and swimming. So left there and rang V she is so great, we worked out how to work around this and all was good.

But when I got home I was a bit down and did not feel like cooking the lamb cutlets that we where ment to have for dinner so got a pizza out the freezer and cooked that up, I had 2 pieces with salad it was thin crust so not good but not as bad as could of been, before would of eat a whole one with garlic bread and it would of been thick crust or even cheese burst or something like that. I know that it does not make it right but I just wanted to relax and feel sorry for myself for a bit.

Tomorrow I will be back on track.

Plan for tomorrow.

Design a workout weights only for top part of body that I can do sitting down on the machines and not use my hip at all. If I cant do cardio then I am going to do a load of toning and build some muscles to burn more fat.

Aim to go for a walk as well.

Food wise

Nice breakfast of poached egg with light sausage with herbs that I found and beans
(320 cal)
Lunch got Chicken salad sandwiches 270cals
Lamb that was ment to have tonight.

Enjoy your workouts and I will not let this get me off track I have just had my journey switch tracks for now.

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