Monday, May 31, 2010

Fear - excues - Goal

Today started out good, woke up before alarm as thought I was going to be late, but was an hour early, tried to get back to sleep, but not much luck. Alarm goes off I get up and get ready. Its still dark and very very cold but off I head to the pool for a swim with V. My hip is a bit soar but nothing bad, walked in the pool for a bit and swam a few laps it did hurt which surprised me so I just took it easy.

Anyway after the swim talking with V we started talking about the city to surf, I had always said I was going to do the 12km run, but V thinks I should do the half marathon.
I all most died, what I thought, I cant do that, there is no way I could ever do that.
But she tells me that I can and to think about it very seriously. I head off to work thinking no way, over coffee chatting to the girl at work, who is planing to do the city to surf with me I tell her about what V said, and looking to her for her to say "no way, I dont think you could do that yet", but NO I get "yer that would be great for you", will no one help me validate my excuses.

So I have this swimming around in my head, only to come home and read the 12wbt forum and one of the girls on there who started when I did, has set her goal to do a half marathon in the same time frame, well thats 3 times in one day, I think I just have to give in and say OK I will give it my best go and start training ASAP.
Worse case I get to the start of Aug and admit that I can only do the 12km that I had 1st set myself to do and just sign up for that, best case I smash it and blow myself away with what I can do now.
At the end of Aug I will be at my goal weight or very close to it, so there is nothing stopping me from doing this bar my mind and my mental state, and I know as do you that after round 1 of 12wbt that we can do more that we ever thought we could, I remember my mental state of I CANT DO IT when we got the triathlon task
so If I can do that I can do this.
Looked up some training programs and found a good beginners one for 18 weeks so guess that is what I will work on.

Food today was good I did pick a little after dinner on low fat stuff, no good will have to focus on not doing that again. I just find it so hard to stick to stuff when hubby is home.

Tomorrow's plan.

Swim or walk in morning. 30mins
cross trainer after work. 20mins

well I am off to bed, to regret what I have just put out into the world that I am going to do...LOL but how amazing will it be crossing that finish line.

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  1. Hey lady you need to give yourself more credit, you achieved amazing things and as you know I find you inspiring, whatever YOU set your mind to you can do :)