Saturday, May 22, 2010

Smash it Saturday.

Today is my smash it day, and we are meant to redo our triathlon for the end of the 12wbt but yesterday while running on my treadmill I hurt my hip, not sure what I have done but it just kept getting more painful as I was running, and kept hurting all day.

When I got up this morning it was hurting but not to bad, so I sat in the bed thinking should I go, I am tired and it will make my hip worse...EXCUSE ALERT!!! But then I dragged myself up and thought I have to do this, got changed put some nurophen (sp?) gel on my hip and headed off to the gym JFDI... in my head.

Completed my spin class then stuffed went up and did my kimax class ( like boxing ) but the running warm up was quite painful on my hip so I decided not to do my run today as I think it will do some damage and hold me up longer.

Rest of today I will be getting out the menus and also the meals I got from 12wbt make a meal task and setting up my weeks eating plan then go do some shopping.
Clean the house and then see how I feel might do some time of the cross trainer but will see.

Tomorrows plan -

Body Combat Class and Final Fitness Test for end of 12wbt
Take measurements and end photo for 12wbt.
not sure on food yet so will let you know.

Till next time.... Train Hard and remember you can do more than you think you can!!!!!

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