Thursday, May 27, 2010

made doc appointment.

Quick update today.

Food was good as planed, but did have 1 norti thing
a glass of bourbon with diet coke, with hubby only one and did count it in my cals

Hubby flew back in today from work.
I was good food was great as planed.
Did not work out at all today again as hip still soar but got a doctors appointment for tomorrow, so hopefully she will tell me something. I will be doing something in the morning if soar a swim is the plan if ok a class but no running...

Plan for tomorrow.

breakfast slice same as this morning as have some left over. 260 cals

Lunch out with hubby not sure what having yet but will be good.

Dinner Pork chops from 12wbt meal ideas with veg 300cals

snacks if lunch very good other wise no snacks as lunch with use them up.

Enjoy your workout and remember you need to aim higher to improve your fitness and challenge yourself.

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