Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bit down today, but did not let it stop me.

Feeling low today, hubby flew back to work, and my foot pain was so bad last night and this morning that I can not even put weight on it, so walking around on my toes..LOL looks funny. Its not to bad with my running shoes on, gives it some support I guess.
Went to gym anyway, did my spin class and had 2nd thoughts about my second cardio class as its lots of running fat burning class, one I want to do but got to be smart here. So I finished spin and went to the cardio room and smashed out 15mins full bore on the row machine, so no impact on my foot. Think spin row and cross trainer may have to be my cardio at the moment till the foot settles down a bit. Will try some other stuff again in a few days or so. Off to doctors today to see what the full scan saids, and see what I am working with.
Have planed a 10km walk with some of the 12wbt Perth crew tomorrow but not sure If that would be a good idea now either, will ask the doc.

My goal today is not to allow myself to comfort eat, while feeling down. Have to make sure to keep busy as Mish saids so my mind can not get board.
On a good note I am loving the changes in my body from all this cardio training, got less bad  lumps and bumps and some good lumps and bumps forming...LOL Oh and I am almost able to keep up with the rpms and levels for the full spin class now, still killing me but at the same level its killing everyone else to. LOL

Keep training hard everyone, your body will love you for it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 3 and something has clicked

We are as title said's in week 3 now and my lost this week is another 1.6kg, I am only 400g from my lowest weight, and then I can start adding to my 65kg lost again, I am looking forward to this, and I am more importantly only 1.5kg away from hitting my week 4 goal that I set at the start of this round, and this is very achievable.
I have been working out fantasticly, one or two classes every day, I am feeling so great, in control and focused, even with hubby being home, which is normally my red flag. Another thing that happen this week is that I had my scan on my foot, and looks like I have Plantar Fasciitis in both feet, but worse in my right foot, so no running for a long time for me, will know more tomorrow when I go back to the doctors for the full report. 
Now this before would of been an excuse for me, to have a pity party and stop and eat, just for the hell of it, but not this time, I have been working around it, spin has become my new cardio, smashing my legs without the impact on my feet. I have been talking to the trainers before my classes and working around my feet, anyway I can. There is no stopping me at the moment.

Even after weight in today, I would normally have a easy day on food and let it slip a bit, but not today, I am so close to my week 4 goal, I am not going to let that slip away again. 

Head feels good, body feels great, balance is working great.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well I am so calm this round, I have been doing alot of inner work as well as body training work, and it seems to be working.
As I am coming to the end of my weight goal, even though it is still a little bit away in the scheme of my goal, I is near the end, last 5% of my wight loss.
So I have been looking into why I lived like that for so long and why I did it to myself in the first place.

It has been very interesting, to look back at my life and reflect on this, and even better to start to heal this, making sure I do not go back to being happy to be unhappy.

I know now that I am important, that I am me and my happiness is shaped my me and what I do and what decisions I make in my life.

So I am deciding to be FIT
I am deciding to be HEALTHY
I am deciding to be HAPPY
I am deciding to TRAIN my BODY
I am deciding to eat well and feed my body GOOD FUEL
and I am deciding what I do for me!!!!!!

I have started seeing a Kinesiologist and this has been a big eye opener for me as I would never of done this before, not that there is anything wrong with natural healing, it is just nothing I would of done before. I was happy to play the victim, now I am healing and I am no longer a victim of anyone.

The last 4 days of this round, have been so calm for me, food has been great, my workouts have been good.
even my water intake has been up, I am not fooling myself I know there, will be ups and downs, I have been doing this for awhile now, but for now I am loving the UP and I am going to keep it as long as I can, and I know that if I keep eating clean and consisted training and sticking to plan it will be here as long as possible, till I need to deal with something else, and then that will come up in my life so that I can work through it, and heal my Body, Mind and Spirit even more. I am excited about this last part of my goal.

P.S had a 2.3kg loss on weight in day this week, and as per last post I have not weigh myself other than Wednesday morning.

Monday, September 12, 2011

DAY 1 of round 3

Well I have done all the prep work, pre-season tasks done.

Yesterday I did my fitness test with the fantastic Perth Crew and shocked myself that I am now in the advanced for everything except my running.

My test was
Run 1 km time trial - 6.35 (this was a min better than the last time I did my test)
Abs where a 3 could do 5 but not 4 so happy with 3
Wall sit 2.35mins OMG I have never done over a min before.
Push ups where 35 on knees
Reach test was +10

So I was so happy and proud of myself, this made me set some new goals as well

To get my run time down.
work on abs
Wall sit want to see the 3.00min mark in 4 weeks
Push ups to do 3 or more on my toes in the 4 weeks

Spent the rest of the afternoon cooking up a storm so all set for the week to come. Also looked over my workouts and got ready to them as well.

Today - Day 1

Alarm went off 5.40am ( I am not an early morning person at all)
hit snooze...LOL but did get up 9 mins later, got dressed and the mind started
I still have a bit of pain in my heal atm, so my mind was saying don't do it go back to bed, you foot is hurting its not good. Well I walked out and turned on the treadmill. As I know my foot is hurting in the morning so I have designed a hill workout going up to 20 incline in 5 min stages that I walk...LOL  work around your body and limitations with out giving up.
45 mins later, 300cals gone. Not super amount but that is just my morning workout.

Food today spot on, so happy there, and 3.5 lt of water... AAAAA+++++ for me.

Got my night workout at 8 hour after dinner and my chat with hubby. again working around my lifestyle.
this will be as per the program, with a few changes to work with what I have got, eg swapping cross trainer from rower, ect I wish I had a rower....

So day 1 check. so happy.
This round also I am going to change how I weigh myself, since I started I have always weight myself twice a day, I know!! most people it does their head in but not me, it keeps me in check and I have learnt how to read my body weight so I don't freak out. But this round I am going to only do once a week on the Wednesday morning. As I am getting to the end of this I do not want it to be a obsession of mine when I have finished so now is a good time to change it. OK I might do it a bit more when I get close to a major goal, but not every day anymore. I do think this is a good thing as my mind set needs to change here as well.

I am not planing to update here every day, but hope to every couple of days.

so till then enjoy your week and live life.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Round 3 2011 here we go again.

Well after not signing up for round 2 of the 12wbt this year, I think I needed a new kick in the butt.
So round 3 here I come.

Will try and blog more on this again, but as you all know I suck at this blogging thing, with not updating for ages at a time. But I will try.

OK as per pre season tasks here is my goals and aims for this round.

Main goal at end of round I will be between 65 - 68kg in my health range and hit my 50% loss mark

Smaller goals

Week 4 - my BMI will be 28.5 or less = 77kg or less currently 83.5 with pre-round pig out and why not melt down of the last week while hubby home. Loss of 6.5kg So far my lowest weigh has been 78.5kg. So this will be a big change for me. REWARD!!! Full body pamper - Hot stone message with mani and pedicure, relaxing day.

Week 8 - my BMI will be 26.5 or less = 72kg loss 5kg REWARD new bras and matching nickers from bras n things. Again never had this, never did my size before.

Week 12 - my BMI will be 24.5 or less = 67kg loss 5kg REWARD - A weekend away with my man.

I have my training week planned and set so this all starts from Saturday.
Hubby flies back Thursday morning so going to use the 2 days to clean out house or crap food and get organised with cooking and freezing meals and anything else I need to do. 

This is it, the last of my weight no other goals to side track me. I have completed my run, and now to finish this.