Monday, September 12, 2011

DAY 1 of round 3

Well I have done all the prep work, pre-season tasks done.

Yesterday I did my fitness test with the fantastic Perth Crew and shocked myself that I am now in the advanced for everything except my running.

My test was
Run 1 km time trial - 6.35 (this was a min better than the last time I did my test)
Abs where a 3 could do 5 but not 4 so happy with 3
Wall sit 2.35mins OMG I have never done over a min before.
Push ups where 35 on knees
Reach test was +10

So I was so happy and proud of myself, this made me set some new goals as well

To get my run time down.
work on abs
Wall sit want to see the 3.00min mark in 4 weeks
Push ups to do 3 or more on my toes in the 4 weeks

Spent the rest of the afternoon cooking up a storm so all set for the week to come. Also looked over my workouts and got ready to them as well.

Today - Day 1

Alarm went off 5.40am ( I am not an early morning person at all)
hit snooze...LOL but did get up 9 mins later, got dressed and the mind started
I still have a bit of pain in my heal atm, so my mind was saying don't do it go back to bed, you foot is hurting its not good. Well I walked out and turned on the treadmill. As I know my foot is hurting in the morning so I have designed a hill workout going up to 20 incline in 5 min stages that I walk...LOL  work around your body and limitations with out giving up.
45 mins later, 300cals gone. Not super amount but that is just my morning workout.

Food today spot on, so happy there, and 3.5 lt of water... AAAAA+++++ for me.

Got my night workout at 8 hour after dinner and my chat with hubby. again working around my lifestyle.
this will be as per the program, with a few changes to work with what I have got, eg swapping cross trainer from rower, ect I wish I had a rower....

So day 1 check. so happy.
This round also I am going to change how I weigh myself, since I started I have always weight myself twice a day, I know!! most people it does their head in but not me, it keeps me in check and I have learnt how to read my body weight so I don't freak out. But this round I am going to only do once a week on the Wednesday morning. As I am getting to the end of this I do not want it to be a obsession of mine when I have finished so now is a good time to change it. OK I might do it a bit more when I get close to a major goal, but not every day anymore. I do think this is a good thing as my mind set needs to change here as well.

I am not planing to update here every day, but hope to every couple of days.

so till then enjoy your week and live life.

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