Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well I am so calm this round, I have been doing alot of inner work as well as body training work, and it seems to be working.
As I am coming to the end of my weight goal, even though it is still a little bit away in the scheme of my goal, I is near the end, last 5% of my wight loss.
So I have been looking into why I lived like that for so long and why I did it to myself in the first place.

It has been very interesting, to look back at my life and reflect on this, and even better to start to heal this, making sure I do not go back to being happy to be unhappy.

I know now that I am important, that I am me and my happiness is shaped my me and what I do and what decisions I make in my life.

So I am deciding to be FIT
I am deciding to be HEALTHY
I am deciding to be HAPPY
I am deciding to TRAIN my BODY
I am deciding to eat well and feed my body GOOD FUEL
and I am deciding what I do for me!!!!!!

I have started seeing a Kinesiologist and this has been a big eye opener for me as I would never of done this before, not that there is anything wrong with natural healing, it is just nothing I would of done before. I was happy to play the victim, now I am healing and I am no longer a victim of anyone.

The last 4 days of this round, have been so calm for me, food has been great, my workouts have been good.
even my water intake has been up, I am not fooling myself I know there, will be ups and downs, I have been doing this for awhile now, but for now I am loving the UP and I am going to keep it as long as I can, and I know that if I keep eating clean and consisted training and sticking to plan it will be here as long as possible, till I need to deal with something else, and then that will come up in my life so that I can work through it, and heal my Body, Mind and Spirit even more. I am excited about this last part of my goal.

P.S had a 2.3kg loss on weight in day this week, and as per last post I have not weigh myself other than Wednesday morning.

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