Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Round 3 2011 here we go again.

Well after not signing up for round 2 of the 12wbt this year, I think I needed a new kick in the butt.
So round 3 here I come.

Will try and blog more on this again, but as you all know I suck at this blogging thing, with not updating for ages at a time. But I will try.

OK as per pre season tasks here is my goals and aims for this round.

Main goal at end of round I will be between 65 - 68kg in my health range and hit my 50% loss mark

Smaller goals

Week 4 - my BMI will be 28.5 or less = 77kg or less currently 83.5 with pre-round pig out and why not melt down of the last week while hubby home. Loss of 6.5kg So far my lowest weigh has been 78.5kg. So this will be a big change for me. REWARD!!! Full body pamper - Hot stone message with mani and pedicure, relaxing day.

Week 8 - my BMI will be 26.5 or less = 72kg loss 5kg REWARD new bras and matching nickers from bras n things. Again never had this, never did my size before.

Week 12 - my BMI will be 24.5 or less = 67kg loss 5kg REWARD - A weekend away with my man.

I have my training week planned and set so this all starts from Saturday.
Hubby flies back Thursday morning so going to use the 2 days to clean out house or crap food and get organised with cooking and freezing meals and anything else I need to do. 

This is it, the last of my weight no other goals to side track me. I have completed my run, and now to finish this.

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