Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year has started!!!

Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve, I seen mine it with Family down in Bunbury.
Was a good night, stayed up till 5am talking with my SIL, I  was a bit drunk and we had lots of laughs.

But 1/1/11 seen my new goals kick in.

What is it about not being aloud to have something that makes you want it so bad...LOL

This morning I took my measurements and start weight to see how much damage I had done over the Xmas / New year time. So I have a starting point back to 86.5 but I was not surprised I eat so much crap, and no workouts.

I have been good with my food for last 2 days as well, want to go for a run but at 35 - 40 deg outside not a good idea, will see how it is about 6ish tonight if still hot will get on treadmill for a bit so doing something, going to have a go on my punching bag tonight as well, DH hung it in the shed for me last week.
So this is my plan for today.
I will update here at the end of the week, and let you know how It is all going.