Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meeting Michelle!!!!

Today Michelle Bridges is in Perth, Yay....and I am going down to meet her.

So started today with my swim with V at 6.30, have to admit that I did not drag my butt out of bed till 6.15 as was so cold and fell back asleep but I got there.
Damn hip..LOL I hate swimming at that time of the morning.

V is meeting Michelle in the morning but I have an appointment for my daughter at that time so will be going to the afternoon one, but V who is an amazing women and full of great ideas said she is taking her certificate from Round 1 for her to sign, what a fab idea so I have just got mine ready to take to office works and print out as I got no ink left in my printer... way to go V I would not of thought of that, mine was just going to sit saved on my desktop and that is it, now it can have pride of place in my bead room where I will see it all the time.

I am in the process of trying to find a running coach in Perth, for one or two sessions so that I can see if and how I am running in right, want to beat this fear of running, as I know I can do it, was thinking about it and think it might be from having such bad asthma as a child that I was not allowed to ever run, so could be my brain still panics over that, I don't know but I will bet it and run. It a sign of fitness to me, if you can run you are fit if you can not run you are not fit. I know this is not true but its has always been there for me, so I want to bet it and know I can do anything. Will have to wait because of hip at moment but I am on the task.

My eating has been good bit picky again at night but not to bad in all. I think its being bored at night that I do it so will need to focus on changing that before It a habit again.

OK I am off to take on the world again today..LOL oh and meet Michelle.
8 days till Sydney.....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Something funny happen at work.

Posted this on forum but wanted to put it here to remember later as well.

Had a customer come in today that had not been in for more than 6 months or so.

I server her as normal chatting away, just before she left, the other lady that works with me came out and the women turned to her and say " what happen to the other lady that use to work here?" I just looked at my work mate as I did not know who the customer was talking about as there had been some part time staff there while I was on leave before. The customer could see we where confused and said you know the one with the short red hair.... My work mate started laughing and I clicked I looked at the customer and said that would be me......OMG she said and hugged me you look like a different person she was so shocked.

I guess that is what happens when you grow your hair and change the colour, and lose 50kg...LOL
I was so cool I felt great. A bit embarrassed about the big deal she made over it. LOL

Monday, June 7, 2010

Been busy great long weekend.

OK have not posted for a little while but all has been good, just busy.

Have signed up for the City to surf, but not the half marathon that I posted in the last update, as worked out there is only 12 weeks till the race and with my hip stopping me from training there just is no time to get ready for it, so will be doing the 12km for the City to surf but promised myself that I will do a half marathon by the end of the year.

I signed up to a 10 day Bikram Yoga class intro sessions, and well that is a class that pushes you body and mind, the heat is so intence. I can do most of the class with out my hip hurting to much apart from a couple of moves so just work around them. Heading back to a class today for that. The trainer saids you get use to the heat and dont notice it as much after a few classes I hope he is right.

Oh the big thing that has happen since my last update cant belive it wasnt my first part of the post. I hit my next goal I have now lost 50.1kg and got a personal message from Michelle when I posted it on twitter, that made my day I was jumping around like a school kid on such a high...LOL my kids where laughing at me....

My food has been good, just need to work on drinking more water, do good with this for a few days then forget again.

I also came up with my personal mantra for 12wbt and for myself its

I will finish what I have started, because I can do more than I think I can.

This is from when I completed the triathlon and surprised myself in what I can do and how great it made me feel.

Oh and I got to buy new jeans got 16's and had to take the back for size 14 I was over the moon and they look so great. So I posted a new photo of myself and new profile pic, was on such a high.

OK well that is it from me today. only 10 days to go till sydney.

Train like no one is watching.... most of the time they are not anyway so dont be put off. You can do it.