Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meeting Michelle!!!!

Today Michelle Bridges is in Perth, Yay....and I am going down to meet her.

So started today with my swim with V at 6.30, have to admit that I did not drag my butt out of bed till 6.15 as was so cold and fell back asleep but I got there.
Damn hip..LOL I hate swimming at that time of the morning.

V is meeting Michelle in the morning but I have an appointment for my daughter at that time so will be going to the afternoon one, but V who is an amazing women and full of great ideas said she is taking her certificate from Round 1 for her to sign, what a fab idea so I have just got mine ready to take to office works and print out as I got no ink left in my printer... way to go V I would not of thought of that, mine was just going to sit saved on my desktop and that is it, now it can have pride of place in my bead room where I will see it all the time.

I am in the process of trying to find a running coach in Perth, for one or two sessions so that I can see if and how I am running in right, want to beat this fear of running, as I know I can do it, was thinking about it and think it might be from having such bad asthma as a child that I was not allowed to ever run, so could be my brain still panics over that, I don't know but I will bet it and run. It a sign of fitness to me, if you can run you are fit if you can not run you are not fit. I know this is not true but its has always been there for me, so I want to bet it and know I can do anything. Will have to wait because of hip at moment but I am on the task.

My eating has been good bit picky again at night but not to bad in all. I think its being bored at night that I do it so will need to focus on changing that before It a habit again.

OK I am off to take on the world again today..LOL oh and meet Michelle.
8 days till Sydney.....

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