Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kickboxing and weight in

OK well yesterday was weigh in day for week 1 - 1.3kg down.
Yesterdays workout was.
Did my run of 28mins and 5 walk is getting easier, last 5mins where a bit harder but I am getting fitter for sure.
After work my first kickboxing class, is was great, loved it, I hurt today, I pulled my calf 3/4 way into class,
my knees are black and blue from the punching bag, it was really hard work but I had a blast, looking forward to going back.

Also did part of my fitness test for 12wbt today, but not the run as going to rest calf to make sure not going to get worse. Got advanced for the test so far. Will do run on saturday, to make sure leg good.

Resting today just incase dont want to push it with my calf long term goal of marathon more inportant to me, I will do some swimming this afternoon, so that will be fine.

Till next time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Head went from good to bad to ok....

Well yesterday was all great, I can do anything
Then is morning I woke up as planned at 5am to go for my planned run, but it was still black outside, looked like the middle of the night, and I am sorry but I am not running in the dark of night, its just not safe for me.
Gym was not open yet, so went back to sleep for a bit.
Woke up at 5.40 and felt like crap for not going, forced myself to get up and go to boxing.
Got my ass up and went to my class so felt a bit better.

But then I sat there today and thought about how far I still have to go (I know very bad move) on goal at a time.
Put my head in a bad I can never do this place. Had planned to do my run tonight after work but lost track of time and now its dark again. SO tomorrow morning is it, I will get up and do my run 6am. I have my first kick boxing class after work tomorrow night so my morning can have the run instead of weights as that is my main focus this round the run training and I am sure there will be some weights in class tomorrow as well, even if just body weight being lifted.

So now Im in an ok place not great but not to bad either. WIll be better in the morning after I run it off.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 1 Day 1 done and dusted.

Well as you may of guessed by the title 12WBT kicked off today.

Food was yummo even my boy said it was good and he always stirs me about boring diet food.
I had rest day for my workout as body was hurting so much from all the work I been doing, but did feel guilty for it, as everyone else was working out so hard.
 But I know I needed to rest my body, worked hard over last week.
Did 2 hours on Saturday with double back to back classes
and did13km on Sunday with a 4km run and and 9 km walk again 2 hours of workout.
Had spa last night which really helped with my pain level. So today was my rest day and will be back at it hard tomorrow.

This weeks workout plan is

Tuesday 5am start with 4km run 1 km walk then 6am boxing class, after work walk with girls
Wednesday -Morning weights and cardio and after work 1.5hours of kickboxing class
Thursday Same as monday
Friday Double back to back classes of step and combat
Saturday Swimming and 5km run
Sunday Bike ride and combat.
Monday day off.

So thats the plan so far.

Weight not moving much for all the work I am putting in, but I can see my body shape changing and mussels forming in my legs from all the running so I am happy with that, I know the weight has to come off If I keep doing what I need to do.

I am prep for tomorrow lunch is made and in the fridge and dinner I out defrosting.

Still need to do my fitness test for 12wbt so should get that done sometime tomorrow as well.
Only 2.6kg to go till my next goal of 40% of body gone and this time I will not freak out and put some back on, feeling very focused and driven atm. Half marathon training my main goal for this round.

Have 2 red flag days this week to deal with, so making plans for them to make sure I dont eat bad and make sure I still have time to work out.
Will let you know how well I have done with them at the end of the week.

Dream you can is great but Live the Dream is better.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Update for the week.

Well we are only a few days out of kick off with this round of 12wbt, I am all set to go,
plans came out yesterday, so shopping all done, workouts all planed.

But I have not been sitting still waiting to start, I have worked hard this week, so far its been
Saturday - Running week 6 c25k 20min non stop run plus 10 min walking
Sunday - Fun run 5km
Monday - day off
Tuesday Run week 7 c25k (25min non stop run plus 10min walking)  plus 6km walk after work
Wed - nothing was slack
Thursday Boxing class had planed to run as well but was hurting to much and was to hot so moved it to morning.
Today Run week 7 c25k (25min non stop run plus 10min walking) plus 45min up and down stairs at point Peron lookout 10times.

Weight is back down in the 84's so heading in the right direction only a few more to hit my next goal. But this time i WILL NOT STOP. I can do this.

This round will be my running round, I did the 5km last weekend as a bench mark, it was very hard and very windy, so was not able to run it all, but run a lot of it, time was 38mins. So now I have a start number to beat.
My goal for the end of the round is a 15km run the week after we get back from Melbourne and then on to my half marathon in Aug.
I have found a training program for a half marathon that I will start the week after I finish the C25K program it a 20 week training program for beginners, so that I can make sure I am not doing anything wrong and that I am properly ready for the run.

I brought 10 kickboxing lessons the other day, again something I have never done but wanted to so got my first class on Wednesday night should be great fun, they go for 1.5 hours so will be a good workout. Will let you know how I go.

My body feels good at the moment bit soar getting back into the training manly from the boxing, but was hurting a bit from the fun run with the strong head winds pushing into them was hard but that afternoon and next day even my forearms where hurting..LOL But I am feeling strong and can see it reshaping to what it was starting to look like before so that is great. My hips have been hurting a little bit on and off after my runs so when they are soar I just take a day off or slow my runs down but do not stop depending on the pain level.

My mind, well its in a good space at the moment, focused and clear, still a bit worried that I am aiming to high and that I am being silly even thinking I can do all this. But I know I can, one day at a time.

I watched the start of this session of Biggest Loser last week and was shocked to see that my starting weight was heavier than all the women on the show except two and one of them was only 2kg more than I was, it was a real eye opener as to how far I have come.

My quote for this update is from Tiffany new trainer from Biggest Loser
"Train the Mind and it will train the body"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back to 12WBT round 1 2011

Well plans did not go to plan, still been gain weight, last check was at 88kg and I did even see 89kg at one point, have had a lot of stuff going on at home, so had a bit of stress eating, (I think I need to do some work on that this year.)

Well this week I have made some goals for myself, I have signed up for round 1 of the 12wbt this year, with aim to lose 20kg and kick this for good, and a trip to Melbourne to finish it off.

I have my first fun run since hurting my hip this weekend a 5km run, I have been doing the C25K program to work back up in my running, so this will be hard but I will get there, a baby step to my Aug goal of the half marathon.

I have also found an amazing blog of a fellow 12wbt lady and will out even knowing it, she has helped me, to see what I need to do. I am going to list on here and facebook a quote that I find motivational.
Todays quote is from

"It's not enough just to think about changing... you must BE THE CHANGE!"