Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kickboxing and weight in

OK well yesterday was weigh in day for week 1 - 1.3kg down.
Yesterdays workout was.
Did my run of 28mins and 5 walk is getting easier, last 5mins where a bit harder but I am getting fitter for sure.
After work my first kickboxing class, is was great, loved it, I hurt today, I pulled my calf 3/4 way into class,
my knees are black and blue from the punching bag, it was really hard work but I had a blast, looking forward to going back.

Also did part of my fitness test for 12wbt today, but not the run as going to rest calf to make sure not going to get worse. Got advanced for the test so far. Will do run on saturday, to make sure leg good.

Resting today just incase dont want to push it with my calf long term goal of marathon more inportant to me, I will do some swimming this afternoon, so that will be fine.

Till next time.

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