Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Head went from good to bad to ok....

Well yesterday was all great, I can do anything
Then is morning I woke up as planned at 5am to go for my planned run, but it was still black outside, looked like the middle of the night, and I am sorry but I am not running in the dark of night, its just not safe for me.
Gym was not open yet, so went back to sleep for a bit.
Woke up at 5.40 and felt like crap for not going, forced myself to get up and go to boxing.
Got my ass up and went to my class so felt a bit better.

But then I sat there today and thought about how far I still have to go (I know very bad move) on goal at a time.
Put my head in a bad I can never do this place. Had planned to do my run tonight after work but lost track of time and now its dark again. SO tomorrow morning is it, I will get up and do my run 6am. I have my first kick boxing class after work tomorrow night so my morning can have the run instead of weights as that is my main focus this round the run training and I am sure there will be some weights in class tomorrow as well, even if just body weight being lifted.

So now Im in an ok place not great but not to bad either. WIll be better in the morning after I run it off.

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