Monday, September 27, 2010

Weigh in Day.

Well its a month since I refocus and recleared my head and today was weigh in day again and I am now a flat 82kg, so thats a 2.3kg loss this week. Whhhhoooooo so pleased. I am back!!!! That is 4.9kg in the 4 weeks and so damn close to my 40% mark of 81.3kg, If all goes well I should hit that is week, it is TTOM due end this coming week, so that might put a spanner in the works but only by a week.

I have been watching Lifestyle food channel alot this weekend and rediscovering my love for cooking, but healthy cooking, and have been making some really yummy dinners and lunches.

Training has been ok, not great but not flat either, went for a couple of runs, and my hip started up again, so back off to the doctors on thursday again, she going to book in a scan cant remember what type. LOL

Plan for today is to do housework, clean and detail my car, then wash carpets, so that should burn some cals..LOL

Have a great week and I will check in again soon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DAY 2 ....

ok just a quick update tonight.
We are at days two, and I have done training everyday since sunday, and even increased the level of it. My arms and legs are hurting but I am loving it..LOL
Did the run on sunday as I posted about, did DVD last night and then combat tonight, forgot how much I loved doing that class. Still haveing to get use to late dinners as its 7.30 by the time I get home from work and gym, then have to cook and eat, makes for late dinner every night, might need to pull out the slow cooker again or pre cook some that can just zap.

Food been good, not binges so I am happy with that.

Feeling a bit tired tonight but I am not surprised with that. So think I will have an early night tonight.

Train hard and enjoy every day.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I DID IT !!!!!

OK what a week I have had, head up and down as you seen, but I kept going, food could of been a bit better but all in all not to bad, last night went out with the 12wbt perth group for end of round 2 dinner, meet some amazing ladies, round 2 and round 3, new people (lol they have no idea what there in for,,LOL.

Then today Bibra Lake Fun Run, 6km and I did it, non stop, took the pills the doctor gave me for my hip before I started and just went slow and steady, but I got all the way to the finish line in one go, my goal was to run 5km outside non stop but when I got there I thought its only 1km to go and I know I can do that so I just kept going... it took me round 45mins but I finished with the biggest smile on my face.
bet my personal best by 2km why would I not be smiling.
So I am pleased to say that the crappy photo last week did not stop me going today and doing something I never thought I could do before.

Round 3 of 12wbt kicks off tomorrow, I am not doing it this time, but will still be doing the mile stones and working my butt off just the same with the girls.

OK time for me to head out and do other fun things, Have a great day and enjoy all of it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clearing head today.

My head is a bit clearer today, the day started with me crying as I showed one of my friends the photo, but after her kicking my butt..LOL as well as Suellen from Transforme comment on here. I am thinking of ways to work with this, use it to help me.

I am also booked in to see my GP to see what they can find out about my hip, I am going to ask her about skin removal, as this is getting me down alot lately, and it is getting worse as I loose the last 10kg of weight.
To keep my head in the right space, this is something that I think I will need to deal with quicker than I thought I would.

Had a bad eatting time tonight, I think it was me rebelling, but I will be back on track tomorrow.

All set for my next fun run on the weekend, but I will only be power walking this one.

Will check back in soon,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

not happy photo

Hi just a quick update, as I noticed that I only seem to update when all is good.
Well the photos came online from the fun run on the weekend,
I was all excited to see my run photos and when I found it I am now so down
it was so horrible I looked so bad, not at all what I thought I look like in my head,
now all I want to do is eat, as I feel like "whats the point" I know this is not true, but I feel like crap.
I know I need to sit down and clear my head and find the right balance, I am not fat anymore, yes there is a lot of skin and it was a bad photo from a very bad angle and no I will not eat to make myself feel better, as this will not help me at all just make me feel bad, later.

OK lets get this sorted.

Fact - I have lost a heap of weight, after years of being over weight for so long, hence my body has excess skin and I have not finished lossing my weight, so I have my belly belt, and thights.
I can now run more that I could walk before and I finished my race even if my hip was still sore.

Crap - I am still fat, there is no point to keep going as I look like crap anyway.

now thats out there I need to remember this and look back here when I need to get it clear in my head again.

Ok vent ok for now,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Check in day.

Well it was weight in
day for me today, and another 1.2kg gone...WHHHOOO
1.9kg to go and I have lost 40% of my body since starting...counting down.

Still going good and on plan, need to becareful with my training at the moment
as, hubby and I did the Freo fun run 5km on Sunday and it was very wet and windy, I started off good, but around the 2km mark my hip was in so much pain, so I stopped running so hard and walked most of the rest of it, I would try to run again and the pain, was back again, it was not so bad I could not move but it was very sharp so I thought it would not be good to push this. I am goign to book in to go back to the doc this week and see what we can do as this has gone on for a bit to long now.

Last time, I stopped with my hip I lost track so I will not let that happen this time.

I just need to work around it somehow. I am booked in for the fun run this weekend which is 6.5km so not sure how or if I will be doing this one or if I will power walk it.

I will not stop this time that is my promise to myself and to you all.
On would and down would on the scales for me.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still running along

We all is great, working hard at my new business goals,
Weight is still slowly coming off, I have set my new mini goal
82.4kg which will mark my 40% body loss since starting.
I am now at 83.1kg so less than a kg to go for that one then I aim for the 45% mark.

I am still running not as much as I would like to as my hip is still playing up,
I need to go back to the doc I think, but I am just working with it and resting it when I need to, got the Freo fun run tomorrow morning only put down for the 5km due to my hip but my goal is to run the whole thing non stop which will be first, for me and one of the mini milestones. Best I have done non stop before outside is 4km, so will be very proud when I finish this one.

I have also been doing some small amount of weights, which is great I can see the shaping in my arms now, they looking a lot better.

Anyway I am off got things to do and places to be..LOL

I was filling in my curent module for the Kick Start Your Best Life program by Transforme. This is a fantastic program for anyone who wants to change their life and work out direction and really have a good hard look at themselfs. Anyway I thought of something that I think is a great quote and wanted to share it with you all.

Sitting on the couch dreaming it and not doing anything about it is a waste of time, trying and achiving or not achiving is never a waste of time its called LIVING

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New personal best :-)

This week is still going really well,

Food was a little bit off plan today as was my freeish afternoon being Saturday.
But not to bad.

But I went for a run today and I did 4.2km non stop, I have never done that far before with out stopping and walking a bit, and my new run path included some very hilly areas as well so I am very pleased with myself, it took me 35min.
My hip is a bit tender tonight so will see how I pull up tomorrow as to what workout I do.

Looking forward to weigh in on Monday to see how that is going, in my peek previews looking good.
Head still in a good spot, I have been listerning to a meditation track as I fall asleep and its been really good, good nights sleep and awake refreshed.
Been working on my food and training plan for next week so all set to keep going in the right direction. Till then.

Adventure is a way to live, when life is in your hands.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick Update!!

Ok just quick as I about to head to bed and remembered I had to do this today.

Day 3 of back on track and I am please to report I have been very good.

Food has been as planed and no binges or blowouts.
Workouts have not been as planned as been hurting so much after City 2 Surf took a few days to recover there and I did not want to risk pushing my hip more after the weekend while is was still hurting, but got my gear all set for a run in the morning.

My C2S time was 1:47:47 so I am so very proud of myself there for that.

Today I did something that I never ever thought I would do in my life, I am now an offical member of the Western Australian Marathon Club...wwwhhhhooooooooo
So now I have to learn to run properlly. LOL I am also very proud to say that my hubby is going to do is first ever Fun Run when he comes home next, we are doing the Freo fun run of 5km, I am so looking forward to running along side him it is something we had never done before, a whole new way of life to go with the new person I have become.
I have signed up to do 2 fun runs this month the 5km with hubby and a 6.5km the weekend after.

Anyway all is good and I am still moving towards my goals and dreams so YAAAYYY me.

Aim big as you never know what life will bring you when you are open to adventure.