Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick Update!!

Ok just quick as I about to head to bed and remembered I had to do this today.

Day 3 of back on track and I am please to report I have been very good.

Food has been as planed and no binges or blowouts.
Workouts have not been as planned as been hurting so much after City 2 Surf took a few days to recover there and I did not want to risk pushing my hip more after the weekend while is was still hurting, but got my gear all set for a run in the morning.

My C2S time was 1:47:47 so I am so very proud of myself there for that.

Today I did something that I never ever thought I would do in my life, I am now an offical member of the Western Australian Marathon Club...wwwhhhhooooooooo
So now I have to learn to run properlly. LOL I am also very proud to say that my hubby is going to do is first ever Fun Run when he comes home next, we are doing the Freo fun run of 5km, I am so looking forward to running along side him it is something we had never done before, a whole new way of life to go with the new person I have become.
I have signed up to do 2 fun runs this month the 5km with hubby and a 6.5km the weekend after.

Anyway all is good and I am still moving towards my goals and dreams so YAAAYYY me.

Aim big as you never know what life will bring you when you are open to adventure.

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