Saturday, September 4, 2010

New personal best :-)

This week is still going really well,

Food was a little bit off plan today as was my freeish afternoon being Saturday.
But not to bad.

But I went for a run today and I did 4.2km non stop, I have never done that far before with out stopping and walking a bit, and my new run path included some very hilly areas as well so I am very pleased with myself, it took me 35min.
My hip is a bit tender tonight so will see how I pull up tomorrow as to what workout I do.

Looking forward to weigh in on Monday to see how that is going, in my peek previews looking good.
Head still in a good spot, I have been listerning to a meditation track as I fall asleep and its been really good, good nights sleep and awake refreshed.
Been working on my food and training plan for next week so all set to keep going in the right direction. Till then.

Adventure is a way to live, when life is in your hands.

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