Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clearing head today.

My head is a bit clearer today, the day started with me crying as I showed one of my friends the photo, but after her kicking my butt..LOL as well as Suellen from Transforme comment on here. I am thinking of ways to work with this, use it to help me.

I am also booked in to see my GP to see what they can find out about my hip, I am going to ask her about skin removal, as this is getting me down alot lately, and it is getting worse as I loose the last 10kg of weight.
To keep my head in the right space, this is something that I think I will need to deal with quicker than I thought I would.

Had a bad eatting time tonight, I think it was me rebelling, but I will be back on track tomorrow.

All set for my next fun run on the weekend, but I will only be power walking this one.

Will check back in soon,

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