Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still running along

We all is great, working hard at my new business goals,
Weight is still slowly coming off, I have set my new mini goal
82.4kg which will mark my 40% body loss since starting.
I am now at 83.1kg so less than a kg to go for that one then I aim for the 45% mark.

I am still running not as much as I would like to as my hip is still playing up,
I need to go back to the doc I think, but I am just working with it and resting it when I need to, got the Freo fun run tomorrow morning only put down for the 5km due to my hip but my goal is to run the whole thing non stop which will be first, for me and one of the mini milestones. Best I have done non stop before outside is 4km, so will be very proud when I finish this one.

I have also been doing some small amount of weights, which is great I can see the shaping in my arms now, they looking a lot better.

Anyway I am off got things to do and places to be..LOL

I was filling in my curent module for the Kick Start Your Best Life program by Transforme. This is a fantastic program for anyone who wants to change their life and work out direction and really have a good hard look at themselfs. Anyway I thought of something that I think is a great quote and wanted to share it with you all.

Sitting on the couch dreaming it and not doing anything about it is a waste of time, trying and achiving or not achiving is never a waste of time its called LIVING

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  1. Hi Tannygirl,
    Sounds like you are well on track to a Fab, Fit, Forty life. Well done on teh running - especially 4km non-stop - next target? Keep up the weights and you'll have Michelle Bridges' arms - hehehe

    I'm soooo glad you've found the Transforme program valuable and that it's helped you kick start your best life ;-) Thanks for mentioning it.

    Looking forward to reading more about you LIVING your life.

    Kick Start Your Best Life