Tuesday, September 14, 2010

not happy photo

Hi just a quick update, as I noticed that I only seem to update when all is good.
Well the photos came online from the fun run on the weekend,
I was all excited to see my run photos and when I found it I am now so down
it was so horrible I looked so bad, not at all what I thought I look like in my head,
now all I want to do is eat, as I feel like "whats the point" I know this is not true, but I feel like crap.
I know I need to sit down and clear my head and find the right balance, I am not fat anymore, yes there is a lot of skin and it was a bad photo from a very bad angle and no I will not eat to make myself feel better, as this will not help me at all just make me feel bad, later.

OK lets get this sorted.

Fact - I have lost a heap of weight, after years of being over weight for so long, hence my body has excess skin and I have not finished lossing my weight, so I have my belly belt, and thights.
I can now run more that I could walk before and I finished my race even if my hip was still sore.

Crap - I am still fat, there is no point to keep going as I look like crap anyway.

now thats out there I need to remember this and look back here when I need to get it clear in my head again.

Ok vent ok for now,

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  1. Tannygirl!

    STOP IT!!

    First: You were exercising and in pain - you're not supposed to look good!

    Second: I wish you'd posted the photo because I bet you don't look bad at all.

    Third: We are our own greatest critics - especially those of us who are high-achievers!

    Hope you had a good sleep, cleared your head and are back on track. The point is, you've come so far, giving up won't make you feel better, it will make you feel like a failure and you will spiral into self-loathing. Get back on the healthy eating and plan your next exercise goal.

    C'mon, I'm rooting for you.