Sunday, September 19, 2010

I DID IT !!!!!

OK what a week I have had, head up and down as you seen, but I kept going, food could of been a bit better but all in all not to bad, last night went out with the 12wbt perth group for end of round 2 dinner, meet some amazing ladies, round 2 and round 3, new people (lol they have no idea what there in for,,LOL.

Then today Bibra Lake Fun Run, 6km and I did it, non stop, took the pills the doctor gave me for my hip before I started and just went slow and steady, but I got all the way to the finish line in one go, my goal was to run 5km outside non stop but when I got there I thought its only 1km to go and I know I can do that so I just kept going... it took me round 45mins but I finished with the biggest smile on my face.
bet my personal best by 2km why would I not be smiling.
So I am pleased to say that the crappy photo last week did not stop me going today and doing something I never thought I could do before.

Round 3 of 12wbt kicks off tomorrow, I am not doing it this time, but will still be doing the mile stones and working my butt off just the same with the girls.

OK time for me to head out and do other fun things, Have a great day and enjoy all of it.

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  1. Tannygirl,
    Good on you! So thrilled for you. What determination you have. Not only to pick yourself up after last run but then to do it with an injury and still do a PB. Well done. What's your next goal?

    Kick start your best life