Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DAY 2 ....

ok just a quick update tonight.
We are at days two, and I have done training everyday since sunday, and even increased the level of it. My arms and legs are hurting but I am loving it..LOL
Did the run on sunday as I posted about, did DVD last night and then combat tonight, forgot how much I loved doing that class. Still haveing to get use to late dinners as its 7.30 by the time I get home from work and gym, then have to cook and eat, makes for late dinner every night, might need to pull out the slow cooker again or pre cook some that can just zap.

Food been good, not binges so I am happy with that.

Feeling a bit tired tonight but I am not surprised with that. So think I will have an early night tonight.

Train hard and enjoy every day.

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