Thursday, October 6, 2011

A bad into a good well great really.

After my blog yesterday I am happy to report that I did not eat my feelings,
I stayed strong, and was not tempered at all. I really do think something has clicked there and a change has happen, this has been a few time now that I would of normally given up and pigged out. But no a calm resolve is there instead. Anyway I digress.
Got up this morning, and headed off to my double class at they gym, only to get there and be told that the spin class is already full, thought about going into the cardio room and just getting on the machine there, then thought nope, headed home, to drop off my gym bag and pick up my arm band.
It is an amazing day outside, so I headed to the beach and went for a power walk, I had been doing these on my treadmill at home, but today I wanted to clear my head and fresh air, this was just the thing I needed.

2 Hours later, 12km done and 1030 cals gone. Head, Heart and Body felt fantastic. I am sure I had the biggest smile on my face the whole 2 hours. Here I was power walking 12km on an amazing day outside, with the birds flying around, saying Morning and Hi to everyone that went past me...LOL I was alive.
This is the same course I used last year to train for the city to surf, and it was hard work, and yet here I was today just doing it, and even put in a 200meter run at every 1km mark just to test out my foot, and cause I could do it and I felt fantastic, (will see how my foot feels tomorrow morning) but this was what I did today, next time, if foot ok I will do a 200 walk 200 run 200 walk 200 run 400 walk, and keep adding to this till I am running it all again, so playing it by FOOT as my hubby said..LOL

Was going to go to do a class tonight but having second thoughts about it, as its combat and I have not done that since I hurt my foot and I think it might be pushing it after running that little bit today, so going to stay home and do my fitness test for week 4 instead.

Hope you are all having a fantastic day today as well.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not sure how they do it.

I have had a great week, trained every day of the week, smashing it up, almost 2 session a day.
Food has been 1200cals or just under every day as well. I was feeling great. But yesterday in the afternoon my training started feeling a bit funny so I listened to my body and took it easy. I had already done 1.5 hours in the morning, I was an hour into my afternoon training at this point so not like I was just giving up.

Today I got up and did my weight in as its Wednesday, I only lost 100g, I was shocked, but ok my head was in a good place, I know I have done the right thing and trained and eaten clean, it is just my body, doing something that it needs to do at this time. So I got up went to the gym for my workout, I took it a bit easy as it was boxing and last time I did this class I was in a lot of pain in my foot, so no running in the class today burnt 440cals.  I came home went out with my daughter, but this afternoon I am feeling so washed out, so tired and very down. I am putting it down to over training, I added some extra vegs to my dinner just to make sure I got some extra vitamins etc.

But my question in the title, is how do the people on the biggest loser do it, they train for hours a day, from the onset of the show. I am fitter than they are when they start out.
Im ok with the small weight loss this week, I am ok with the food, I am very proud to say I did not eat to fix this problem. It did not even cross my mind, apart from more veg to fuel my body better and that is ok.
But I want to train, the way I want to train and not have my body let me down. I can put up with the pain, I can even put up with the extra sleep, but this wash out, crap feeling is not a happy good way for me to feel. Do I just keep going and let me body feel crap till it gets use to it and just does it.

I am focused on hitting my goal this round, I am not sure what to do.