Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bit down today, but did not let it stop me.

Feeling low today, hubby flew back to work, and my foot pain was so bad last night and this morning that I can not even put weight on it, so walking around on my toes..LOL looks funny. Its not to bad with my running shoes on, gives it some support I guess.
Went to gym anyway, did my spin class and had 2nd thoughts about my second cardio class as its lots of running fat burning class, one I want to do but got to be smart here. So I finished spin and went to the cardio room and smashed out 15mins full bore on the row machine, so no impact on my foot. Think spin row and cross trainer may have to be my cardio at the moment till the foot settles down a bit. Will try some other stuff again in a few days or so. Off to doctors today to see what the full scan saids, and see what I am working with.
Have planed a 10km walk with some of the 12wbt Perth crew tomorrow but not sure If that would be a good idea now either, will ask the doc.

My goal today is not to allow myself to comfort eat, while feeling down. Have to make sure to keep busy as Mish saids so my mind can not get board.
On a good note I am loving the changes in my body from all this cardio training, got less bad  lumps and bumps and some good lumps and bumps forming...LOL Oh and I am almost able to keep up with the rpms and levels for the full spin class now, still killing me but at the same level its killing everyone else to. LOL

Keep training hard everyone, your body will love you for it.

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