Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 3 and something has clicked

We are as title said's in week 3 now and my lost this week is another 1.6kg, I am only 400g from my lowest weight, and then I can start adding to my 65kg lost again, I am looking forward to this, and I am more importantly only 1.5kg away from hitting my week 4 goal that I set at the start of this round, and this is very achievable.
I have been working out fantasticly, one or two classes every day, I am feeling so great, in control and focused, even with hubby being home, which is normally my red flag. Another thing that happen this week is that I had my scan on my foot, and looks like I have Plantar Fasciitis in both feet, but worse in my right foot, so no running for a long time for me, will know more tomorrow when I go back to the doctors for the full report. 
Now this before would of been an excuse for me, to have a pity party and stop and eat, just for the hell of it, but not this time, I have been working around it, spin has become my new cardio, smashing my legs without the impact on my feet. I have been talking to the trainers before my classes and working around my feet, anyway I can. There is no stopping me at the moment.

Even after weight in today, I would normally have a easy day on food and let it slip a bit, but not today, I am so close to my week 4 goal, I am not going to let that slip away again. 

Head feels good, body feels great, balance is working great.

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