Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Day of 12WBT :( but not the end.

Well it is all over, 12WBT final day today.

Workouts done for today as planed.

Combat class was great, had this lady in front of me who had the most amazing definition in her shoulders that I have ever seen, every time I wanted to slow down I would look at her and push myself harder...LOL I made a game of trying to keep up with her in the workout. But it was great as I got to push myself to do 2 new steps that I had not tried properly before, one being the pulse steps in the middle of the steps I could never seem to get it right before, more like a run, but got it today, was very happy, and the other was the jump kick, I normally just did a front kick but today pushed it a bit more and did it, I was trying not to laugh in the class and the teacher even gave me a questioning type look to make sure I was ok, but all I could think off was if I didnt get my foot down in time I would be on my butt on the floor, so every kick I was just waiting to end up on the floor but I did not fall and was very please to now be able to get the jump kick and work to getting better at it.

After that I went and completed my fitness test for the end of the 12wbt.

I have made a great improvement in all areas.

1km run at start 8.57mins - today 6.55 difference of 2.02mins
pushups was 36 to 43 but did move my arms wider and out more and better form in these to amounts so I am very happy with that, next is to get on my toes but have to wait for heal to be back to normal before can do that. (seems to be taking ages to get better)
ab stage 1 now 2 just but got there.
Wall sit 34 sec to 1.43
and sit and reach +8 now +16

so all round improvement and weight wise I lost 12.3kg short of my 15kg goal but I know I did not push myself as much as I could in the workout side of this, so I am happy with that and will push myself more in the next 12 weeks.

Just have to do my after photo now, which I will not be posting on here as its in my nickers and bra so not putting it in a public blog...LOL

Food today is good

Egg white omelet 270cals

Wholemeal roll with tomato soup 222cals

Oven baked salmon with baked tomatoes and beans 300cals

plus snacks and coffee.

Water - 2 lts.

I did read something great on one of the blog of the other girls on the 12WBT that I loved so I am going to do this as well, her idea was to every month beginning from today, plan to set a milestone event to celebrate where she come from and where she going. I love it so I am going to give some thought to what I can do and list it on here, so if you think of anything post a comment and give me some ideas.

I know next month I got the Sydney trip and bridge climb so that is that month covered.

Tomorrows aim.

Workout in morning at park with V (if not raining) other wise Biggest looser DVD

Workout in afternoon pump class.

Chat to you all tomorrow night. Workout hard and don't just believe you can do it, know that you can and Just Do It no excuses.

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