Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here We Go - hope I dont ramble to much.

I am a very new to blogging, but this is something I have wanted to do and keep doing for a while, I have just finished (well tomorrow is last day) of round 1 of Michelle Bridges 12WBT program, check it out if you want to get your body and head in the right shape and transform your life, its a fantastic program.

Anyway I am not able to sign up for round 2 at this point so wanted to start this blog to keep me accountable to myself and others, I will post my thoughts and feelings good and bad, my plan to achieve my goals.

Last night I went over to V house, V is my friend I meet on 12wbt amazing lady, and my training partner when we can get together, we have committed to focus and push each other to hit our goals. I have 18kg left to lose for my goal before the end of August to make my Fab and Forty Mark.

Very quick run down as I am sure there will be heaps of background as we go on, regarding where and why my head is in some place or another.

Feb 09 I started my weight loss track at 135.5kg very very unfit and unhealthy. The thought of having to lose 65 - 70kg was so huge, and so impossible back then....
jump forward to now and I have loss 48kg a lot fitter and my Doctor is very happy to report I am very healthy, she is always smiling when I go in for my check up. (Yes I am doing this correctly and see her every 4-6 weeks to check in)

OK so right now my head is in a good I can do this place. Me and V are going to smash it over the next few months and come out the other end new people.

I plan to keep to the workout style table I was doing on the 12wbt, and keep my food clean and good. Working around the 1200 cal mark that I have been using.

So working out 6 days a week broken up into
2 toning days - pump class style
4 cardio days with one being a smash it day where I work my butt off...
1 day off.

I will try and post every day on here what my plan is for the next day and then update in following post how I went and if changed what I was thinking or what changed. Maybe I can find a pattern for when I drop off.

I will also be sms V every day to make sure I keep going, I have given her permission to kick my butt if I don't check in for more than 2 days, and I give all of you when are following the same...LOL
So join me if you wish... and we can get FAB, FIT and FANTASTIC together.....

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