Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good day....:)

Well today was a lot better, no kids fights...LOL

Started the morning with kimax (boxing) it made my hip hurt but got it done.
Then packed my lunch and off to work.

After work got to catch up with a friend I have not seen for just over 2 years,
she walked into the pub where we where meeting and just stood there looking around, I had to laugh, I stood up and she was shocked, she said the only way she knew it was me was from my facebook photo, LOL last time I seen her was before I even looked at losing weight. It was a great feeling.

Came home and had my dinner Trish’s Not So Naughty Nachos from the 12wbt meal ideas they where so yummy.

So had a great day, also check on my water today.

Tomorrow's plan.

Workout or DVD in the morning
and pump class after work.

Food -

Breakfast Oats with banana (300cals)
Lunch left over Nacho meat and salad. 300cals
Dinner Chicken with veg. (350cals)
plus snacks

Remember you workout to enjoy the life you are making.

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