Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A +++ I am so proud of me!!!

Just quick update.

Well perfect day, as planed for me today.
Morning boxing at 6am tick,
All meals as planed tick,
After work combat class done tick,

and big big bonus tick because the boss brought in yummy looking
Cookies and cream cheese cake for afternoon tea, and I said NO thanks.
But they did look very yummy, but I have a bigger goal in mind than the 10mins of enjoying that food.

I am hurting all over from the workouts but that is only because I stopped working my body as I should of been doing. It will be better in a few days I am sure.

Well I am feeling very focused and on track at the moment, but not going to let that make me get complacent as it has in the pass, eyes on the price or in this case the scales...LOL

OK I have very tired so going to head off to bed early tonight I think.

Night all see you all again soon.

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