Sunday, March 6, 2011

Its a mind game. Long update.

This week has been great, right in the zone, food great, workouts pushed to next level (tell you more about that in a bit), head in the right place. But what I really want to chat about first is my running and the mind field that is with it, that I never thought about till today.

I have just got home from doing a 5km fun run, and what I don't get is that I know I am getting fitter, and I know I can smash out a killer workout at the gym, come out dripping in sweat (yukky) but feel great, I know I can run 3km or bit more non stop when I train in the mornings, but when I do the fun runs, I am out of breath, around the 1km mark and dieing by the 2km and having to stop for about 30 secs and walk to get my breath back. I can normally do this, but not when I am doing the fun run, don't get me wrong I am getting better every time, but my mind seems to hold me back. I even tried to drop my pace back today, thinking that I was keeping up with the people around me and burning out, but nope. I was not dripping in sweat, so I know I have worked harder in my run training than I did today.
Hubby had an idea that I will try next time he said that maybe I am focusing on it to much and my mind is blocking or tricking me, with every km seeming a lot longer than it is and telling me I cant do it, he said I should try thinking about something else in detail, and just keep running and the meters will past before I know it. So I will try that next time, but until them I will keep training and pushing myself to get better and get fitter.

This photo taken a min or two after I crossed finished line, LOL
On the plus side I did run allot more than I did last 5km run and I knocked 40secs off that time, as I came up to the finish line I seen the count down on the clock and thought no way and I going to be longer and pushed myself to run that bit faster. LOL stubborn cow I am ...
The other thing that has really helped me is a iphone app called runmeter, its great you can link it to facebook and it puts a notice on your profile when you start a run and then your friends and family can leave you messages, so as I am running and feel like I want to stop a message will come though my headphones saying something like "you can do it" or "keep going" and it just give you that extra push I love it, a friend of mine was using it, and I thought it was great so brought it. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants that push.

OK on to this week, I had a total mind change it has been great, food A ok, even found myself asking myself if I really want to eat that, when grabbing for a mindless healthy snack, I have been working so hard, and so focused, that I don't want to eat, just for the sake of eating, I am not talking about my main meals as I know I need to refuel with good healthy food, so that my body can repair and grow, I am talking about the rice crackers, at night when watching a movie, or the skinny cow ice cream, just because I feel like it and It will still fit in my snack allowance, stuff like that. If I ask myself and I still say yes then that is fine because it is in my cal allowance for the day but I am finding that more then not I am saying no.
Even went to Dome with my little girl, the other day for coffee, and she had cake, normally I would of had a spoon full just to taste it but Nope did not want it, working to hard and feeling to good, to blow it.

Yesterday I was 1.1kg off my next goal, and this is where I have been a few times before and blown it and pigged out, not this time, but today I got on the scales again and I have gained 300g, OK told myself its water and was fine with that till about 2 hours later when bad PMT hit, everything was so bad in my head and all I wanted to do was cry, (hate being a women sometimes) was so down all afternoon, but pulled myself out of it about 3, after I got home from the shops and realised that I had not given in I have not binged or eaten chocolate, I was not that fat useless girl my mind was telling me, so I got up and got changed for my fun run and thought bugger this I have been training for this and I can do this, I am not going to let PMT rob me of doing this and trying to hit my next goal of 5km non stop and out the door I went.

OK workouts this week so far have been
Thursday Combat - 555cals
Friday enduro Spin class - 700 cals plus run in afternoon 405 cals = 1105 cals
Saturday 12km power walk - 2hours 1200 cals
Sunday - fun run 5km - 515 cals

not bad I think, up the level a bit...LOL got more booked for next few days as well
Monday 12km bridge walk with 12wbt girls
Tuesday morning run aim 40mins and night 1.5hours kickboxing class
Wed DAY OFF, but might do a light walk after work will see.

Update done. !!!! FEELING GREAT, Looking good and back on track ATM.

Train hard and love where you are today, but still aim for a better tomorrow.

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