Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Runners High!!!

Just quick update, I did it, after a crap run on Sunday night, that really got me looking into my running and looking at what I do and how I do it, today I got up put on my shoes and clicked my new training program, Bridge to 10K - its the next part from the C25k Team, and I did it, I ran 40 mins, from my place to the freeway along the freeway and halfway to the next exit then turned around a ran back home again, I felt amazing, I was so proud of myself, was on such a high it was like, I could do anything. This was the first day of my half marathon training so was a great start to it.

All my training this week has been completed to plan or extra so AAA+++ for me, hope the scales show good tomorrow, I know I have lost what I put back from last week and a bit more so that's good.

Today's burn was 615 this morning plus about 850 tonight at kickboxing, so my HRM turned off half way in my boxing gloves so going on my friends that was with me who was over 900 and I normally a bit less than her. So 1465 not bad for a work day...LOL I'm pleased with that, but I am more pleased that I am feeling fantastic again.
Back doing what I know works and getting the results from it, I have a goal (well two) and focus for a reason.
1/ To hit 68.3 - 70kg before Melb,  the lower will be 50% gone since I started, but 70 was my original goal, so would be happy with that.
2/ Train for and complete the Perth half marathon in August.

So will update quick tomorrow night with weight in. Looking forward to my next run on Thursday, day off from training tomorrow time for my body to rest and recover.

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