Saturday, March 26, 2011

Balance Lession (hopefully) Learnt.

Well this last week and part of this week been crap.

Red Flag weekend.....arrrrhhhhh as stated in my last post, well it started out good

Friday night, went out for dinner, with family before the Sweet Concert, I was very good, did not drink, and ordered seafood pasta, which I only ate the seafood and tomato sauce not the pasta, no desert and no drinks at the concert either. (Balance good had fun no pigging out)

Saturday night not so good, brought myself 4 drinks with zero coke so low cal, compared to others.
Had chicken and salads for dinner but more than I should of, so far not to bad.
Here's where I got bad, I ate party pies and crap like that later in the night and dips etc.
Did not think I was to bad but when got on scales next morning arrhhhhh,
up 1.5kg, now if I had stopped there it would of been OK but no, I went into a big depression and ate everything in site, next morning up another kilo, and the cycle kept going, till Wednesday, when weigh in came I was up 3.7kg in 4 days. I felt so crap, 4 weeks for nothing, and my 40% lost gone.

Well I posted my gain on facebook and my great 12wbt friends helped me, one gave me a good talking to via sms, put things into prospective a bit, OK you had a good night and we
need those, but that was a night not a week, I had convinced myself (not sure how) that I had gained the whole 3.7 in the one night, but luckily I weight myself every morning and write it down, once my head cleared I could see that it was not the one night, yes in one night I gained 1.5kg but if I stopped there, most of that would of been water retention and came right back off with a few bottles of water and a good workout. But no I hit the same cycle again and got depressed and felt the victim of oh I cant have a life with out being fat whats the point..... well don't worry I not given up.
Got back on the horse so to speak and with some good hard training and later, as of this morning (1 week since party) I have lost all but 300g of what I gained, so not the whole 4 weeks lost just one because I did not understand balance and I am back under my 40% lost weight so happy with that.

Lesson Learnt, I can have a life, make smart choices but if I have a very special night and make a bad one or two, then just enjoy the one night and back to good next day, not a week later. No guilt eating for having fun, just enjoy it for what it is a fun night and that is it.

In weight loss food is so important, training will change your body and fitness, but the mind lessons and what you learn from them is what will make this a lifetime achievement not a short term one. I learnt a big one this week just hope it sticks in there when I need it next.

The start of this week Monday 28th March is 20 weeks till my half marathon, so the main training program kicks in. So there will be lots of running updates.

I went for a run in my new shoes (had to take others back) on Thursday but it was a bit later than I normally go and was 29degs so was bit harder than normal did manage 39mins of running before I had to stop was to hot and I was getting burnt. Tomorrow is another training fun run, 6km so going to see how I go with that, slow and steady my plan.

I did endro spin class yesterday, man that is a hard class but I think it will really be a good cross training class with the running, as it will help with my fitness and endurance for the run and well and build the strength in my legs.

Looking forward to weigh in this week just to get the numbers back to where they where and fingers crossed a bit more off.

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