Sunday, March 27, 2011

I did it!!!!!!! mini milestone completed.

My one month goal for the 12wbt set at the start was to run the 6km fun run non stop,
well today I did just that, it was not easy and I was stuffed but I completed it and felt so proud of myself, even when my run meter stopped and I had no music and still 2 km to go I just kept going,
and you should of seen my face when I got told that it ended up being 6.7km not the 6km we thought it was going to be.
A new personal best for me, as even before I hurt my hip the best I had run was 6.5 in 48 mins, well today I did 6.7 in 50mins flat. Not going to win any races at that speed but I don't care, I did my mini milestone over and above what I had set for myself, and feel great.
Just wish it would get a bit easier a bit quicker, as the thought of doing over 3 times what I did today, is a bit huge, but I will get there a bit at a time. Keep training and come august I will be ready, or die trying...LOL

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