Sunday, March 13, 2011

40% gone 10 to go....

I DID IT !!!! After months of almost then failing for some reason, this time I kept my head focused and just did it. I have been shouting it from the roof tops..LOL well not really but I could.

So figures just for me cause I link them...

start weight 135.5kg  arrrrhhhhh
- 40% = 81.3kg well today I was 81kg.... so was even more...
plus in my little non focus time I regained 7kg so that is not even including that.
But I am including that in my kg total, of loss, not the little ups and down just that big one as I had lost the plot there and was heading back to my old ways, so with that I have now lost 61.5 kg.

Looking forward to seeing 7*.*kg on the scales soon never to see an 80 number again.

This weeks update workout wise is not great, I have been sick with a bug last few days so not pushing my body but have been eating clean. I have done my marathon training runs but that is about all. I did not want to fall behind on them, I have not done the spin endro class or the 12km power walk this week, so will make sure I smash it again this coming week.

OK that is it for me today, back off to bed. Hope this bug gone soon and I am always stuffed.

oh almost for got I went and got new hair this week, a new me...LOL looks great very Meg Ryan in here early years I think...

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  1. Hope you're feeling soon. You're such an effing rockstar - 40% is AWESOME! Cant wait for you to be in the 70s! WOOO!