Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 new year new goals.

2 more nights of 2010 left.. so new goals needed for 2011.

I plan to finish my weight loss goal but more focused on Fun and fitness than weight. I will be eating clean, as per 12wbt plan and things I know I need to do like I uses to.

I have made a goal list of a new adventure each month that I have never done before that I want to do,
but to do these I will need to be fit to be able to safely do them.

Jan - Paintball
Feb - Catamaran on the Swan River
March - Kite Surfing
April - Horse Riding
May - Hiking part Bibbulmun Track
June - Rock Climbing
July - Scooter riding around Fremantle
Aug - hang Gliding
Sept - Mountain Biking
October - Abseiling and Caving
Nov - Parasailing
Dec - Surfing

Hows is that for a year of Fun.!!!!

Now for the fit -
On top of all that I will be getting back into my running again
with a
5km run in Feb
8km run in March
12km run in April
15km run in May
18 Run in July
Half Marathon in Aug

So with all that I think I will meet my goals of fun and fit..LOL and on the plus side all with the training to get to do these things the weight will come off as a side bonus.

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