Thursday, August 12, 2010

count down!!!!!

Well this week has been ok, lost another kg.. seen 82.9kg on the scales this morning was happy to see 82's. This week has been a lot better since I stopped betting myself up about what I am not doing and just done what I was doing before.

I have done a bit of running and a couple of classes, but my hip is hurting again.
I think after the City to Surf which is only 16 days away..... arrrhhhhhh I will just give it a big break no running, etc and see how that goes.

Well it is only 3 days till my 40th birthday, I did not hit my goal that I set a year and a half ago, but you know that is fine, because I have not only lost over 53kg but changed the person I was into someone that is living my life, and achiving my dreams. I have changed my mental state and views along the way, so this I think is a part of the weight loss process that you dont think about when you start but with out doing that I know I just would of gone back to where I was. I know now that I will not ever be that person again. My life is not the same as it was before, I am a stronger person, who now knows what to eat and how to work with my body, for the good and the bad, I know what I need to do if I get depressed and how to over come any set backs I have and I know there will be many of them but there will also be so many highs and new life adventures along the way as well.

For my birthday I am getting some amazing things.

I got my tattoo.
I am getting a Japaness Red Maple tree that I have wanted for about 5 years now, we found one and my hubby is going to plant it for me and I can sit out there and relax under it when its in season it will be amazing to relax under.
I am also getting a glider lesson out in the mountains of Perth, this will be an adventure and so much fun.

A year and a half ago this week, is when I took control of my life and started working to better myself, and I have found a life that I love and a person that is stronger and happier than ever before.

So keep going towards your dreams you can do anything, even if it takes you a few times to get there.


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