Monday, August 2, 2010

A fools awaking....

I have been fooling myself that I am doing this, when I know that I have not been focused this round as I was last round.
I think I hit the 50kg mark and thought I can do this no problem, and just lost my direction, not training as I keep telling myself that I would get hurt again (after hip trouble end of round 1) would do a day or two here or there but thats about it.

The last week or so I have found myself eatting everything I can get my hands on, not all bad stuff but just lost of stuff one after the other, and so out of control like I use to do, even telling myself its not fatty food so its ok, but I know better than that.

so I have just gone back to my pre season tasks and reread them and made some new goals as I cant meet the other ones now that I had before. So I will start this again from now taking back control and doing what I know I should of been doing all along.

I have 4 weeks till the city to surf in perth and I will still be running that.
But here are my new goals for the next 6 weeks of this round.

6 week goal to train 5 days a week at least with at least 3 days with running training.
Eat to plan and no more than 1200cals no sweets must break that sweet tooth habit again.
To be 78kg or under by end of round 2 program.
Clear out my head of neg self talk.
Reconfirm to myself that I am worth this, and that I can do it.
I have come to far to go backwards now.

Thanks for reading my ramble.

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  1. Tania, good on you for being brave enough to "ramble" about this.

    Well done for resetting your goals. You will achieve them. You know what you need to do - consistency!

    Losing 50kg is a massive achievement and you're right. You did lose 50kg and you can lose the rest. Just don't be too hard on yourself. You'll get there.