Friday, August 6, 2010

week update.

I have had a better week this week, not great but more on focus,

I have been working on a lot of the inner change lately and had a lot of things changing around me, my personal growth is just as important as the weight loss.

To mark the new me I got my first tattoo, its is Japanese symbols and it saids STRENGTH & DETERMINATION
when I choose these words, Strength had to be there, but the second word I found when at the studio, reading the means of the words Determination had two symbols one the meaning we would expect but the other ones meaning was to had determination to find your true self and complete your growth cycle, this was it so I got them both on the back of my neck. AM I LOVE THEM.

I was ran twice this week so far, a 3km run and a 5km run, the second run has made my hip hurt again not to bad but still there, I am going to not run for next two days and meeting up with the girls on Sunday for a working out at Kings park so will how I go then.

Food wise I still cant get back on the 12wbt menu, I am eating a lot better that the other week more in control and focused, but eating more like I did before the 12wbt which is not great but not bad as I lost alot of weight before that so I was still doing the right things for me, I think its just easier than sticking to the planed menu, my weight stayed the same this week, which is good as it was only a few days before weight in that I got my crap together and made a stand so lot what I had gained there. It TTOM now so will see how this week goes.

So I am happy with where I am at the moment, mind in right place, food in control, workouts getting back into line, need to do more but am scared to push that with hip but I am awear that I am where I am and still doing stuff not unfocused like before so moving the right direction.

Will update again soon

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